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Zee Goalkeeper Academy – Need-Based Financial Assistance

Goalkeeper Academy

The Zee Goalkeeper Academy, offers need-based financial assistance to goalkeepers based on eligibility to the extent possible with the funds available. If the number of players whose families qualify for a scholarship could exceed the budget, we can’t guarantee funding for all keepers who meet eligibility. We have made it very simple: Scholarships are given to families that have obtained…

The Best Soccer Complex locations in Florida

Youth Soccer

One would say ESPN World of Sports, you could be right!… But Disney has massive funding and they charge more than anyone else for their rentals and tournaments. So, lets push to the side corporate American and discover some of the most amazing fields up-and-down the great state of Florida that are ran by the cities, counties or small investors.…

Join the Zee Goalkeeper Academy

Goalkeeper Academy

WHY? HERE ARE SOME VERY GOOD REASONS WHY: 1. We are the first established goalkeeper academy covering Palm Coast, Daytona Beach, Ormond Beach, Deltona, Deland New Smyrna Beach and our hometown Port Orange. 2. We are the largest year round goalkeeper academy in Florida. 3. We are the best equipped Goalkeeper Academy not just in Daytona Beach / Port Orange,…

How to get the best out of a college ID camp

College Soccer

This is mostly for the boys and girls that have just started in high school and are looking for a first impact with a college soccer program… First of all make sure that you, your parents or your coach contact the college coaching staff and let them know that you’re coming to that ID camp. Usually college soccer coaches will…

ZEE/CYSA Goalkeeper Camp July11-12 2018

Goalkeeper Camps

The ZEE Goalkeeper Academy is teaming up with CYSA this summer (July 11th & 12th) to provide an intensive 2-day goalkeeper camp. Our camp is geared toward athletes, 10 – 18 years old, who are interested in experiencing a high level training environment with daily real game situation topics. Our training curriculum provides specific and detailed instruction for a new…

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