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ZEE Goalkeeper Academy Member Policy


Starting August 1st 2019, the ZEE Goalkeeper Academy LLC will be enforcing the following policy. The new policy is designed to improve our academy members productivity, reduce absenteeism, and set clear and consistent expectations for goalkeepers. Zee Goalkeeper Academy members are required to attend all their respective training sessions unless they have an appropriate excuse. Once high school season starts,…

Teaching Goalkeepers how to Handle an Incompetent Referee


So what is happening? No sport suffers from the shortage of referees more than soccer. Player participation numbers rise nationally every year while referee organizations grapple with stagnation or decline, leaving youth leagues in a constant scramble to fill empty referee and linesmen slots. Just traveling with my son’s soccer team we encounter dozens of referee vacancies each week. One…

The ZEE Academy is heading to Columbia High School in Lake City Florida for a 3 Day Soccer Clinic.

Striker-Goalkeeper Camps

ZEE Soccer Camps are proud to announce the Columbia High School Soccer Camp at CYSA in Lake City. Directed by the CEO of the ZEE Academy Rick Zucchi, the program offers both Varsity and Junior Varsity players an outstanding session of soccer training from October 28th through the 30th. Field players and goalkeepers will find the ideal program to fit…

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