Goalkeeper Training


Goalkeeper Training

ARE YOU PASSIONATE ABOUT GOALKEEPING?INTERESTED IN BECOMING ZEE GOALKEEPER ACADEMY PARTNER? • Best of all is that you’ll earn a great income doing something you love • Work independently on your own schedule• Be your own boss/academy director • Very low start-up costs compared to other GK academy chains that offer low quality gloves.• Run your own goalkeeper academy without…

Beware of old school goalkeeper coaches as they are no longer effective for modern GK development

Goalkeeper Training

I’ll start off this blog post with a comment posted on Facebook that a fellow Goalkeeper Coach brought to my attention, a comment certainly not posted by me or any goalkeeper coach I associate myself with or even respect. Is this the sign of a coach running desperate? Why would anyone that qualifies themselves as a goalkeeper coach even post…

Large Numbered Goalkeeper Training Sessions and Why it’s a Good Thing!

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Parents, do you remember your school days, how many classmates where there along with you, lets say in 1st grade? six total? In high school whatever sport you played, was there one coach per 5-6 players? During the military my whole company of 180 soldiers were taught to march by 4 instructors, we were taught to shoot different weapons in…

What is Game-Set Goalkeeper Training?

Goalkeeper Training

Game-Set or Real Game Scenario Goalkeeper Training is something that not all goalkeeper coaches can provide. It’s not a factor that the coach is incompetent, bur rather him/her not having the equipment available to put the goalkeepers he’s training into that real game situation. Please note: The goalkeeper coach that claims having a large inventory of equipment is not necessary…

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