1976: My first pair of goalkeeper gloves


My first pair was branded FCS at the time it was a very popular brand, the Indian company banked it when they came out with this concept of goalkeeper gloves. Uhlsport also had a range of GK gloves at the time, but the price range was beyond any middle class families reach. So these were the “Hot-Ticket” for all keepers…

Teaching Goalkeepers how to Handle an Incompetent Referee


So what is happening? No sport suffers from the shortage of referees more than soccer. Player participation numbers rise nationally every year while referee organizations grapple with stagnation or decline, leaving youth leagues in a constant scramble to fill empty referee and linesmen slots. Just traveling with my son’s soccer team we encounter dozens of referee vacancies each week. One…

What is the Average Height for a Goalkeeper?


Unfortunately due to the average heights of goalkeepers that play pro-soccer, scouts and coaches look for players who are manly tall, unless you can show them you can reach where the tall keepers can. We don’t have control over how tall we are, it’s genetics and mother natures stuff. I was pretty lucky, both my mother and father were very…

How to identify a quality Goalkeeper Coach


Boys and girls that take goalkeeping very seriously are interested in working with a goalkeeper coach that can actually take your game to the next level. Here are FOUR key factors to look for and questions for parents and keepers to consider when you’re ready to select a goalkeeper coach to work with. 1 – First and most important:…

To be a leading goalkeeper coach you have to be “Yourself”

Goalkeepers, Youth Soccer

Coaching goalkeepers involves more than designing advanced training drills for saving free kicks or coordinating your defense. Coaching goalkeepers, especially at the youth level, involves accepting big responsibilities as you’re basically in a position of trust as mom’s and dad’s put their kids in your hands. The youth soccer coach in general is one that wears many hats. Being able…

The psychological impact that soccer coaches have on their players

Goalkeepers, Youth Soccer

Nearly all youth and interscholastic soccer coaches should understand that they have duties such as: Teaching the players about role skills, every day life skills, self esteem skills, communicating effectively among teammates and learning ways to handle a lost game or tournament. It should come as no surprise at all that many soccer players look up to and admire their…

Large Numbered Goalkeeper Training Sessions and Why it’s a Good Thing!

Goalkeeper Academy, Goalkeeper Training, Goalkeepers

Parents, do you remember your school days, how many classmates where there along with you, lets say in 1st grade? six total? In high school whatever sport you played, was there one coach per 5-6 players? During the military my whole company of 180 soldiers were taught to march by 4 instructors, we were taught to shoot different weapons in…

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