Youth Soccer

Welcome Back Port Orange Soccer Club

Youth Soccer

I got the great news this evening! I couldn’t be more happy than I am right now. Starting next Fall-Season our town will have it’s soccer club back and its original and prestigious identity! In these past 20 months when looking at the league schedules, I really missed reading the name “PORT ORANGE SOCCER CLUB”, I still have great memories…

How a Parent can Support a Youth Goalkeeper

Youth Soccer

Parents play a critical role in their child’s Goalkeeper Development, but mom and dad have you ever realized whether you’re supporting your son or daughters development or hindering it? How can you support and encourage your young keeper without getting in the way? We’ve all seen the loud parent and may I add in most cases a little under-qualified, telling…

To be a leading goalkeeper coach you have to be “Yourself”

Goalkeepers, Youth Soccer

Coaching goalkeepers involves more than designing advanced training drills for saving free kicks or coordinating your defense. Coaching goalkeepers, especially at the youth level, involves accepting big responsibilities as you’re basically in a position of trust as mom’s and dad’s put their kids in your hands. The youth soccer coach in general is one that wears many hats. Being able…

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