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We have touched this subject before, however updating on how to create an even better College Soccer recruiting video never hurts!

But let’s take it from the top: If you want to be on a college level team, you have to be really good to do the job of your position. Why? Well, out 98 high school goalkeepers that dream to play in college, only one gets to play in the NCAA.

The goalkeeper should show the ability to keep the ball out of the net from a variety of different game set scenarios. Shot stopping has a number of sub-topics which need to be shown, including ball handling and what kind of ball handling for each kind of shot. Low shots, high shots, close range saves, angled cross etc are the perfect examples. They will also be looking for a goalkeeper can be brave “NOT FEARLESS” but brave by breaking away at feet with minimum contact with the opponent, but also collecting a variety of different crosses in secure contour mode, tip-overs and the use of your fists if needed. If a goalkeeper is on top of all of that, you will gain a lot of attention.

In order to demonstrate in full your abilities to the college soccer program coach you’re interested in, I’d suggest you go to one of their scheduled ID camps and get on their radar. Once that you’ve spoken to the coach and grabbed his email address, then it’s time to get to work!!

The veteran and expert college coaches are not expecting goalkeepers to be at a Hope Solo level, if that was the case you’d already been selected by a NWSL team. What is the difference between showing you have not yet reached the top of your potential and actually not being that much of a goalkeeper? If the goalie has proved that they can keep the ball out of the goal as mentioned above, then the coach without any doubt will ask for full game video. Then what? Well, the coaches will be looking to see if there are any repetitive mistakes or bad positioning or even lack of communication all of them raise a red flag.

Red Flagsthe coach is looking for in that video are: Poorly taken goal kicks, punts, distance wise and accuracy. If any height concerns affect collection of crosses or ability to command the box. Stepping back on high shots. Lack of bravery in the 6 yard box. Goalkeeper not breaking away. Slapping the ball on hard close shots. Using the wrong hand on angled-high shots. Using both hands when only one should be put to use.

VIDEO, that’s tight… VIDEO! Making a recruiting video is a very important step in the college recruiting process. In most cases it would be the first opportunity for a college soccer coach to see doing what you do best. Knowing what to put in the video is crucial to say the very least. A poorly created video will be quickly discarded after a few seconds. Below you will find my personal recommendations on making an effective video of yourself and how to get the soccer college coaches to actually watch it.

The two videos below are of two ZEE Goalkeeper Academy students Ryan and Parker, Ryan is class 2021 and Parker 2022. Even if high school graduation for these two is still a long time away as you can see they’ve stepped on it and are ready to expose themselves to the College Soccer Coach world!

You’ll notice that the two videos are very similar and show some of the superior abilities of these two advanced goalkeepers. The video however is only of them in training mode and a college coach if shows interest in these videos will request a game-set video to follow

Below is what I can say is a complete recruiting video. Please check it out…

You just witnessed the perfect recruiting video. I would suggest to keep the highlight video under 5-6 minutes, unless you have a lot of quality saves on-hand. Put the best footage early in the video (first 30-45 seconds) to capture the coach’s attention and to keep them watching.

On the third video you noticed that there was a 3 minute scrimmage video of Emily (She committed to Thomas University). Notice the video had clear audio, you can hear Emily communicate with her defense. The video is not just shots of her saves, but it is of the game progressing towards her 18 yard box. This is what makes the video perfect!

How can you improve the possibility of a college coach watching your video? Do like Ryan, Parker and Emily and upload your video to YouTube so it is just a click away from watching. 100% of college coaches now prefer to scroll through a YouTube channel rather than receiving a stick or a DVD in the mail. So open a channel TODAY!

Now please don’t send one of them bland unsolicited emails with a link to your video channel. You have to make contact with a coach first, show them that you’re very interested in their program. Consider writing a very brief but personal email to a coach with a link to your video channel at the end. Do not send a generic mass email, coaches get them by the hundreds all the time, and the chances you’ll get a reply will be very low.

Parents: Professional video services are not necessary if you can do the basic editing yourself, a coach isn’t looking for background music or flashy introductions. If you’re clueless just follow the examples in these videos above.

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