How Some Soccer Coaches Can Actually Help their Players in The Recruiting Process

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Many academy and youth soccer club coaches, depending how long that they’ve been in the coaching ring could actually know a few college coaches here and there, and if they believe that you’d be a good asset for those college soccer programs, they may facilitate some sort of introduction. I know of some coaches that have been doing this for at least two decades and have been able to build a reputation among college coaches, which gives them the power to make a phone call or drop an email on the behalf of their players> I do it as well, it is called “Personal Networking”.

On the other hand the youth soccer clubs that do everything they can to participate in their crappy “All-in-one” college ID camps are simply looking for your cash. In most cases these camps are a total waste of time. The college coaches invited are usually the assistant coaches and nothing is ever done. Through these camps, I have never heard of any soccer player ever making it to a college soccer program, even though the organizers of these camps claim that they put dozens of players in college every year… yeah right!

However, always keep in mind that just because your soccer coach has a sweet relationship with a college soccer program or two, it doesn’t mean that you should try to force that school(s) to be a final destination. First of all, put together your list of schools you’re interested in, the academics is the most important “First Step”. If your coach has a relationship with one of those schools, then that’s great!

What some of my students parents have done in the past is to bring me a list of target schools and ask if I have a relationship with the coach at any of those colleges. If so, I always feel comfortable introducing keepers to these college programs, if I believe that the student is worth it.

Remember that recruiting starts before the NCAA recruiting BS rules allow college soccer coaches to contact club or high school players. You a recruit, or your coach can always call coaches and they can answer without breaking any of the rules set by the NCAA, NAIA or NJCAA! However they cannot call you back if they for some reason miss your call. To reach trough this pathetic loophole you can always get your high school or youth soccer club coach involved. They can legally arrange a time for the recruit to call the soccer college coach or his asitant, letting the college coach know when to expect the call from the promising soccer player.

So, my suggestion is to let your current coach know you would like their help contacting a college coach. You can give them the soccer college coach’s contact information and ask if they can be kind enough to set up a possible phone call. However in the past when this was asked, 80% if not more, of the coaches either refused or said they’d do so but not follow up. There are some youth soccer clubs here in central Florida that actually forbid their coaches to help players in this process. Mostly because there is no cash flow gain for the club or the coach!

If soccer college coaches are interested in you, they often seek out coaches or friends who know the soccer player well, mostly for recommendations. Their first stop would be your high school ore youth soccer club coach, they are arguably the most reliable person a soccer college coach will talk to in order to get a closer idea of your soccer skills and ability and also… your character. If a college coach called your current coaches tomorrow, what do you think they’d say? In 80% of the chances your youth soccer coach would be very vague as like stated, there is no gain for them in this interaction.

Every coach will contribute to their athletes’ recruiting in different ways. I am one that will lead the college coaches to my students Youtube videos, I will send them emails regarding everything they need to know about the students on-field and off-field. I see it this way: If I can help a student live their dream and play for four years in college and pay off their college by playing soccer, then not only will the player get an education and have fun, but the parents will have one less son or daughter to worry about, one student loan less to pull. If you help the child you help the whole family.

Your college recruiting is up to you. Just keep in mind that everyone you place on your recruiting team really needs to see you reach your goal, not all coaches will be willing to do so but you need to ask the right questions to determine how much your academy, high school and youth soccer club coach will be willing to contribute.

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