How to get the best out of a college ID camp

This is mostly for the boys and girls that have just started in high school and are looking for a first impact with a college soccer program…
First of all make sure that you, your parents or your coach contact the college coaching staff and let them know that you’re coming to that ID camp. Usually college soccer coaches will keep an eye on who they know will be there, it works most of the time 🙂 Attending “some” specific college soccer ID camps can offer many benefits including quality training and exposure to college coaches.

I invited one of my students to attend a college ID camp this weekend (Daytona State – NJCAA). I personally know the coaches at this soccer program and therefore I let the GK coach know that my student would be coming. The keeper never got special attention or extra training, but the coach knew who she was and monitored her with attention. That way she and myself got some valuable feedback from the coach.
There were only two GK’s at the camp, so both of them actually got a 2 on 1 90 training session and considering the camp cost only $50, both girls got a LOT for their parents investment!

I have to say the same about the the men’s soccer program at Daytona State, it’s quality! I have my students attend as early as 14 years of age their ID camps, so that they can get a feeling of how much more they need to work in order to say that they’re ready to compete at that level.

I’m not saying that DSC soccer program is a trampoline for my students, their program is actually very competent and both teams every year go very far. What I’m trying to say though is that you’ll get a lot more attention and a lot more advice and training at a NJCAA camp than you would at a packed NCAA Div. I camp.

Emily Lamoreaux

So, how to find the best camp? There are a few steps you can take to make the most of your soccer ID camp experience. First, do your research on the school and program before you register for the ID camp. Know your real-time limitations and only attend camps where you can actually get noticed, so it’s really not that important to see if they have your fit in academics, you can look at that when your 16-17 years of age.
Search for reviews, see if some of your teammates of friends have ever attended the camp and only that you’ve got some valuable feedback than sign up. Like said, have your coach contact the coaches there, let them know that you’re coming to campus. build a relationship with the coach ahead of time. Ideally, you want to be on their radar before you arrive for camp to improve your chances of being evaluated, but stick to the rules, remember you have to be a high school junior if you want to be in direct contact with a college soccer coach!
Just showing up won’t guarantee you’ll get noticed by college coaches. That’s why you need to be strategic in choosing the right camp to attend.

Some goalkeepers want it to happen, some wish it would happen, I push our keepers and parents to make it happen! That’s why I suggest the above!

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