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Making a so-called recruiting video is a very important step in the college recruiting process. In most cases it would be the first opportunity for a college soccer coach to see you play. Knowing what to put in the video is crucial to say the very least. A poorly created video will be quickly discarded after a few seconds. Below you will find my personal recommendations on making an effective video of yourself and how to get the soccer college coaches to actually watch it.

Parents and students, you must always keep in mind that the videos alone will not earn you a scholarship. The main goal of submitting a soccer video is to gain interest from college coach you send it to, if they do like it they will (in most cases) want additional information from you (schedule of upcoming games and tournaments, additional game footage and not just the great save or fantastic goal you made, they’ll also want transcripts).

Highlight or Full Game? Most coaches don’t really have that much time on their hands and prefer a highlight video rather than a full game video. If a college soccer coach is interested in you after watching the highlight video they will request for a full game video.

Always remember to identify Yourself. Many recruits miss out on this important step. The coach will not want to take a guess at where you are in the video. Start each video clip with identifying yourself such as a circle around you and posting on the Youtube channel your players number. This can be done with nearly every video editing software out there today on the web by simply inserting a still frame with the identifying mark.

Quality is another very important factor. Unless you’re a goalkeeper try to shoot from the middle of the field and shoot from an elevated angle if possible. If you’re a goalkeeper then I would firmly suggest that you place your tripod 10-15 feet behind the goal. College Soccer Coaches want to see the play develop so you need to capture a wide angle, while as Goalkeepers, the coach would like to see how you position yourself, how you’re communicating with your defense, so make sure you also have audio. Field players: The video should show the whole game not just a zoomed shot of a single player.

I would suggest to keep the highlight video under 5-6 minutes, unless you have a lot of quality goals or saves on-hand. Put the very best footage early in the video (first 30-45 seconds) to capture the coach’s attention.

How can you improve the possibility of a college coach watching your video? Like I’ve stated in many blog posts before this… Upload your video to Youtube so it is just a click away from watching. All and I say ALL coaches now prefer to scroll through a Youtube channel rather than receiving a stick or a DVD in the mail.

Don’t send an unsolicited email with a link to your video channel. You have to make contact with a coach first. Consider writing a very brief but personal email to a coach with a link to your video channel. Do not send a generic mass email, coaches get them all the time, and chances you’ll get a reply will be very but very low.

Parents: Professional video services are not necessary if you can do the basic editing yourself, a coach isn’t looking for background music or flashy introductions. If you’re clueless ask for the help of a friend or even your high school audiovisual department.

Good Luck

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