The ZEE Goalkeeper Academy YouTube Channel and why we invite all GK’s to open their own.

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In today’s world everything that you want to get out there passes via social media, back when I started surfing the web 25 years ago it was through your personal website. Blogging had just started and no one yet knew what social media was, not to mention WordPress was still years away!

Social media back then was mostly forums or chat services, discussions were brought to the web via remote Internet services, that were in the most local and the major search engines back then (AOL over them all) really never had the technology that Google has today, where they can sweep 40,000,000,000 pages every 90 seconds and categorize it on their search parameters.

Before YouTube what was there? There wasn’t anything offering a similar service. In 2005 YouTube invented hosting videos as a free service. Before that, you had to put a video on your own website, forum or blog and there was really no way to generate traffic and grab an audience attention for your videos.


Today there are 1.3 Billion videos uploaded to YouTube with close to 75,000 videos uploaded every day, a third of them get deleted right away, because mostly spam, but if you know how to use YouTube, it will help you spread the word just as well as Google.
More than 550 million hours of videos are watched on YouTube each day, by 2020 YouTube estimates that they’ll reach the 1 Billion mark per video views every 24 hours!!!

So basically saying all that, do you think that it’s worth opening your own YouTube channel? That’s what the ZEE Goalkeeper Academy did roughly 2 years ago and today we have thousands of video views and over 1,500 subscribers! Many of our students, campers and their parents claim to have found us via videos posted on YouTube. Google has made it even more easier now that they list in search results your videos as well.

I opened a channel for my son back in 2015 I named it for now BLAKE ZEE. It’s actually really cool, because by going through the videos you can see his improvement, from the very first steps of goalkeeping when he was only 5 years old up-to-date. Yes indeed it is a little premature to showcase a goalkeeper that is only 8 years of age, but it is a wonderful database that Blake and Myself will watch from time to time. He actually gets to see how much he’s improved and he has fun commenting on his first videos and the attempts to save the ball!

However, when Blake starts getting a little older and he reaches his teen years, that’s when this fun channel will become a serious recruiting tool for college coaches to see. He will actually give the college coaches that little bite on the hand that will catch their attention, as by then he’ll have around 8 years of video uploaded and most of all a coach out of curiosity will certainly go back to his first videos. The coach wont find any good points from his 2015 videos, but for sure he will get the fact that Blake takes his Goalkeeping very seriously!

Opening your YouTube channel and updating it with your training sessions but most of all highlights of your games is vital in today’s college recruiting process. Not only can you be found via a simple Google search, but it’s a huge business card that you hand over the coach. It’s something that they can bookmark and every time you upload a video they’ll get the alert and away they go to watch your progress.

Above is the perfect example. This is one of my students Emily, very talented and a senior in High School, she started a little late to showcase her games, but as you can see, the video shows a lot about her, the video is taken from a certain distance, so the coach can actually see her positioning as the offensive takes place. I have suggested to Emily’s parents also to get some footage from behind the goal with clear audio, so that you can here her communicating with her teammates and to see her first reaction on every attack on goal. Coaches look at these small details 😉

College applications and public college tuition are both up 60 percent since 2002? Getting In: A College Coach Conversation, helps parents and students navigate this changing and challenging landscape, YouTube makes it a lot more easier for both parties!

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