Bringing in students “Organically” or trying to snatch them from the competition?

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Let me start saying that I have never lured goalkeepers or parents from other goalkeeper coaches or academies and in these two years of running my own Goalkeeper School I have brought in more than 35% of the goalkeepers in my county and beyond county and state lines. I started off with 7 keepers and shortly after I was surrounded by 50.

Goalkeeper Clinics

During this time we’ve put one in the USL and another two in the NCAA (one men’s one woman’s soccer program). We set to place another 3 this next coming season in a college program or maybe more. You wont read bragging about it, because it’s not just the coach, but in order to make it to that “Next Level” the athlete has to be there 100% as well.

Since my goalkeeper academy has made a name in this area, I’ve seen so called “Top Level” GK coaches come and go, many fail and keep on failing. I’ve sat down with some and listened to them blabber on how amazing they are and that they’re about to take over the goalkeeper world. They keep coming up with new things that are out of this world and that are set to fail. Wherever they go they end up being pushed out the door, whatever they touch turns to mush! I simply stay away, not that I’m a better thinker and planner, but I like to walk before I start to run.

Goalkeeper Camps

I’ve been asked by these people to join them before it’s too late because they’re about to take over everything goalkeeper related in all of Florida. I’ve been told “Big things are coming” and the only big thing that is actually happening here is the ZEE Winter Goalkeeper Camp this coming December 27th.

Setting your goal to “attempt” to rake athletes from other successful sports programs is a lost battle. A couple of years ago I was speaking to former Northern Ireland national team goalkeeper Aidan Davison on this subject and he agreed with me that the only way is organically bringing in soccer players and goalkeepers. Word of mouth, uncut training video posted on social media, “hide nothing – show everything” and he was 100% accurate, spot on!

Our goalkeeper academy has seen 7 dropouts in 2 years of activity: 3 no longer live in Florida, 2 have gone to college and the other 2, well… “2-bad-for-them” 🙂

Dropout ratio is also very important, the less the dropouts the more that you know you’re doing it right (duh!), but there is a ton more to it than just that. Price, Equipment, Mentality etc.

Barging in head first flashing your 10-20-30 years of working as a pro and promising the world to a crowed that is not willing to blindly hand you over their pocketbook and when you know for a fact that you have no idea what local parents and keepers are looking for has FAIL splattered all over it.


Living in this nation for decades and being a proud citizen of the US now for many years, I’ve come to understand the nations culture and it is not like the one I left in Europe. The reason the US is the greatest nation on earth is also because it’s people like facts not talk, bring them facts, bring them results and they’ll join in, they’ll buy it, they’ll follow you. But if you’re going to stand there with your megaphone and attempt to sell something you cant bring to the plate, then no one will buy it here.

Parents are not impressed if you have no background of placing your students into college soccer programs, they’re not impressed either if you have a field setup with just a few balls, a rebounder 6 poles and cones, times have changed and any advanced GK program has the best equipment to help the keepers reach their goal. Who has only a bag full of equipment is simply greedy and is keeping all the loot. Cones, balls and nothing else is like trying to rebuild a car engine with a hammer and a screwdriver… GIVE ME A FRIGGING BREAK!!

We offer GK camps that include in the price a pair of Pro-GK gloves and a pro-GK jersey. Qualified “College” coaches and the most advanced GK equipment in the nation, you’ll also be paying half the price of what other camp brands charge. Parents know this.

I have gained trust among the goalkeeper community in Florida, that’s why my goalkeeper academy has reached beyond the state boarders and is at full capacity. Same with my camps and clinics that sell out a month before they take place. I help talented children to live their dream even if I know that some of their parents can’t pay the tuition costs, I don’t leave them to the side, that will never happen. As of right now 7 students benefit from what many call a free ride, but I like to call “Assisting amazing talent”!

The ZEE Goalkeeper Academy can even operate at no cost for entire seasons if it needs to. Why? Well, others are in this for the cash, they do it for a living, they MUST cash in at any cost. The ZEE goalkeeper academy was built on a passion to help young goalkeepers become great boys and girls and at the same time amazing keepers without having to charge high tuition and force half the parents to pull their children from the program.

Bottom line: Our Facts are solid facts and your words… well, they’re just words. Parents and keepers listen to words then turn around and follow the facts!


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