2018 a year of stunning growth, partnerships and goalkeeper development

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2018 is about to leave us, it has brought many great things, such as an amazing partnership with Select Sports America the leader in the production of soccer balls worldwide, but also other major soccer equipment companies from around the US and beyond such as Bownet and Soccer Innovations.

In this 2018 we’ve seen one student committing to a college soccer program and another now playing professional soccer in the USL. 4 series of prototypes that lead to the first production ZEE goalkeeper gloves, the ZEE Pro-Game 2.0 a huge difference from what our goalkeeper academy members were wearing prior to that. 2018 brought six amazing ZEE goalkeeper camps in both Florida and Georgia, and 4 very exciting partnerships with soccer clubs and high schools.

The expansion of our goalkeeper academy towards the south of Florida where we intend to bring on board 2 incredible coaches the first in Miami and the other in Sarasota!

Our experience with the franchising just-for-keepers ended in June of this year. I realized that we could do a lot better without them, first of all with the production of our own goalkeeper gloves a higher standard professional glove, a glove that has the same materials as the top of the line Adidas or Nike glove, but yet at half the price. After running a camp with the founder of the franchising I noticed it was more a babysitting fun camp. That is not how we run our camps. Our goalkeeper camps are about development, where the goalkeepers can take back to their soccer clubs and high schools a package of knowledge that they can use during game day. So breaking away was the best thing we could have done for our students.

In 2017 the GK Academy was composed of 13 students, today at the edge of 2018 we’re now in 50, soooooo many to the point I had to bring in another GK coach Josh Anderson of Iowa State University. This way we’ll be expanding the hours on the field and have the ability to bring in another 10-15 students. We are now the largest “year-round” goalkeeper academy in the country and by far! Goalkeepers and Parents have chosen us because we leave the talk to the others, we prefer to develop with state of the art goalkeeper equipment, innovate training at a low price for everyone’s range.

I was reading this parents review:
The coaching is excellent. Real game situational drills not just the basics or theory. Great equipment for the drills and in-depth explanations as to why the drills are important and how they’ll help the keeper in a game situation.
All I can say is first class all the way.

Later on I get to find out that he played in goal during his younger years and coached goalkeeping in New York. He has both his sons attend the academy and drives a long way to reach us every Friday.

The future? Well, we have cooking at least 12 camps in 2019, including the inaugural GK camps at Plantation and Miami, We will be partnering with Select Sports America in at least 4 events then the production of the “Academy 2.0” goalkeeper gloves and the very bright goalkeeper kits all branded ZEE.

You ain’t seen nothing yet! 2019 here we come!

Rick Zucchi
ZEE Goalkeeper Academy

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