Development and not greed

10 months ago when I started off the Zee Goalkeeper Academy, never would I have imagined that today my GK training school would be nearly at full capacity!

32 students from 8 different youth soccer clubs and 4 high school soccer programs.

I could leave the gates open and by the summer bring on 50+ keepers, but that would not be in the best interest for the keepers or their parents, It wouldn’t be right!

By bringing on more than 37 students, we wouldn’t be able to guarantee the necessary attention that all keepers need during each session.

The U13-U17 group was already capped, but two keepers have left, so the opening in that age group is obviously for 2 more goalkeepers and only 2 more. While in the U7-U12 group we have 3 more spots available.

There was the possibility of having 2 weekly academy sessions and splitting the keepers into two groups, but for many reasons that would not be possible. Between my son’s soccer practices and games, my GK training sessions at a youth soccer club and with the possibility to work with another club in the close future, I would not have the time. Also adding an extra academy day would be in contrast with every youth soccer club practice and match days. Even if, we would have to move our second weekly session out of Port Orange as besides Friday’s there is no soccer field available.

By the end of next month the remaining spots available at the academy are by sure to be filled in, so to give everyone the opportunity to have a chance to be on our academy, I have decided to do as followed:
GK’s spots on the academy are kept up to 3 months for them that are involved in other Friday games, tournaments and leagues and also for students out with injuries. Everyone else after one month of being absent will lose their spot, they will no longer receive the emails or text messages and will be removed from our Academy TeamSnap group. It is not guaranteed that your place on the academy will still be available if you decided to re-join after 30 days.

After paying field and light fees, the coaches and buying new equipment like we do every month, there is zero profit, it’s basically a “Community-Chip-In” and we want to keep it that way. This is why we’re doing the above…
…it’s all about goalkeeper development

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