Field Goalkeeper Equipment: The More The Better.

I posted something regarding this subject about two years ago, right after someone went on social media and “Foolishly” claimed that too much training equipment is “Bad” for the development of goalkeepers!

I’ve heard some BS in my life, but that was a record breaker!!

Why would someone publicly say such nonsense? EASY! They don’t have any goalkeeper equipment! All they can bring to their training sessions are some odd branded soccer balls and a few faded plastic cones.

These words usually come from them that don’t want to re-invest their earnings in goalkeeper equipment that will drastically help the development of their goalkeeper students, but they’d rather pocket it all!

As a child, first in the UK then in Italy, I was not able to choose from the best soccer equipment. I started playing soccer on the street with my friends. We had a plastic soccer ball and we used backpacks or sweaters as our goalposts. That was 40 years ago and today’s young players should have the right training equipment from the beginning.

If you’re walking down the street carrying two bags of groceries, you’ll move differently than when you’re walking unencumbered. Taking that idea a step further, it makes sense that a goalkeeper working with a field full of specific training equipment gets to train and understand the game like if he/she was actually in the game.

When it comes to ensuring on-field success during a match, it starts with training the right way during your practice sessions. And to train the right way, you need the right equipment.  We have everything! We have specific training equipment! Each piece of our equipment inventory has a specific purpose in the development of our goalkeepers.

We initially focused on creating the ultimate goalkeeper equipment essentials list.  That list started growing, to the point where our academy spent over $50,000 in everything that is needed to develop the perfect goalkeeper.

We personally scoured the internet, consulted with coaches from the MLS (Minnesota United, Orlando City) and Serie A (Lazio) thus to find the best goalkeeper training gear. 

Why are we the most advanced goalkeeper school in North America? Without doubt it is because of our highly trained and professional goalkeeper coaches, the facilities we train on, and… the huge inventory of goalkeeper equipment we can provide in a drill at any time!

Don’t be fooled by these very low level goalkeeper academies, that offer cheap quality goalkeeper gloves, under-qualified coaches and no equipment!

The largest pool of goalkeepers in Florida comes from our Port Orange location, our graduating goalkeepers all end up playing for a college program!


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