Forza – Net World Sports supplies the academy with their latest Goalkeeper equipment

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We work with many different sports equipment companies that on a regular basis supply us with the best goalkeeper equipment that they have to offer. Advanced and innovated goalkeeper equipment is essential in the rapid development of modern keepers, so partnering with these large suppliers is beneficial for both parties.

We receive new fresh equipment on a regular basis swelling our already large and very competitive inventory, this huge inventory gives us the opportunity to create a great quantity of different and productive training drills. The suppliers then receive from us valuable feedback and at the same time they have a quality return of investment because we document and also review their equipment, posting it on our social media pages such as YouTube, Facebook and our websites that have a large following!

Today we made another partner in the soccer equipment business. A partner that we have purchased in the past years a large variety of equipment. It’s a matter of fact that our 300 regular size cones are all branded Forza along with their free-kick mannequins and agility poles, agility poles that by the way are still going strong after at least 2 years of hardcore use on the fields.

The company is out of Wrexham, North Wales, UK and is called Net World Sports. It’s funny when you think that it is such a small world and that some of the very best sports equipment is actually made 30 miles away from where I was born!

Not only is going to supply the academy with goalkeeper equipment, but they offered to also support a local youth soccer team in Deltona Florida with FORZA Soccer Balls and bibs, a gesture that we at ZEE greatly appreciate!

We work with good people, good companies that offer great equipment, we don’t sell out to the highest bidder. Our only priority is that to obtain the best equipment on the market for the development of our goalkeepers and that is why we’ve opened our doors to Net World Sports and FORZA.