From January 2019: All age groups from 60 go to 120 minutes of weekly training.

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The ZEE Goalkeeper academy is doubling its training time for each student from the originally 4 to 8 hours a month!!
Starting January 2019 our goalkeeper academy sessions will be for all goalkeepers every Friday from 5.30 pm to 7.30 pm. No more splitting up the sessions, this because we are bringing in a second goalkeeper coach.

Goalkeeper Warmup

At our first goalkeeper academy session of 2019, Friday January 4th, Ex NCAA Division I Iowa State University goalkeeper and USSF licensed goalkeeper coach Josh Anderson will join the ZEE Goalkeeper Academy coaching staff for the whole year of 2019. Coach Josh was for 2 years assistant/goalkeeper coach at Iowa State University, josh has also coached goalkeepers at a club competitive level and high school. Josh will also be involved in most of our 2019 goalkeeper camps and clinics!

By taking this step, each academy member will double their training on the field and will get the chance to work with more than one qualified goalkeeper coach in the same evening. We believe that this is the best for all of our goalkeepers in both age groups. The Zee Goalkeeper Academy is growing in numbers, quality of its coaches and equipment. We want to give our students the best training experience possible and for this we decided to double up!

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We are doubling the time on the field but not the academy member tuition, however there is a small difference in the 2019 tuition. From January 2019 monthly tuition will be $65.00. This however when broke down is barely enough to pay for the extra coaching, field rentals and equipment.

We look at it this way: If in 2018 you were paying $12.50 an hour for your child to train at our goalkeeper academy, now you’ll be paying a little over $8.00. So at the end of the day parents and keepers win and if the keepers are happy the parents are as well!

If you have any questions please feel free to drop me an email at

Rick Zucchi
ZEE Goalkeeper Academy

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