Giga-Grip is NO LONGER considered a Pro Goalkeeper Glove Palm

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Don’t be fooled by them that are advertising Giga Grip palm gloves stating that they’re the best quality, because it’s not! It was years ago, but that was before Supreme and Contact latex hit the market.

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Giga offers good gripping but it must be kept damp for it to perform.  It is a good quality, it is a great entry level latex (youth club and high school), years ago it was used by Pro’s, however with advances in Latex Technology it is not up to Pro Standards for many years now.

There are some top brand goalkeeper gloves that still use Giga, but it is used on their cheapest gloves. Most of the lower level goalkeeper brands use this palm, because it costs a LOT less than Supreme or Contact latex.

Supreme Latex and Contact Latex are essentially F22-Raptors of Latex.  They are High Performance, High Quality and usually very High Price compared to lower level Giga Grip.  They perform great in all weather conditions (Wet or Dry),  It comes with a protective covering on the latex, if it doesn’t have plastic on the palm it is not a premium latex.  It now comes in a variety of colors, even if it is rare and a lot more expensive   Contact Latex is amazing on both Turf and Grass, in both rain and dry. Contact will give you an edge in your game Giga WILL NOT.

Zee Pro-Goalkeeper Gloves

Contact Latex traditionally is being used only in top of the line goalkeeper gloves gloves and cost no less than $125.00 by companies that do use it.  ZEE Goalkeeper Gloves currently uses Contact Latex as our standard Latex for all Professional Game Gloves and cost an average of $80.00. 

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