High School Soccer is as Good as City Rec. Soccer

It’s something to keep you in the soccer circle when Club Soccer is resting. However in 90% of the cases the HS coaching level is very low and the injury risks are high!

High School Football and Basketball “Counts” and it counts a LOT, it’s a college recruiting Goldmine! On the other hand college coaches really don’t care if you play high school soccer. They don’t care because they very rarely attend a high school game. I know of NCAA DI coaches that haven’t sat on the stands during a high school game in years. On the other hand, at the ECNL/MLS Next/FAL/ODP levels it’s a playing field swarming with college coaches or their assistants, which is why the college showcase tournaments, club invitationals and State organized competitions are so beneficial.

If your child is a quality player and is rostered on a top premier club team then you should steer clear from high school soccer. Go watch a few games, most of the schools teams are at the same level as city recreational tournaments. Many unskilled players are the reason lots of quality club players are taken down and injured during high school games.

Here in Florida lots of youngsters play high school soccer as a time waster. Any player worth their weight knows it is not even close to club soccer. The few teams that make it to the playoffs get a little more serious. Those few schools are made up of all TOP club players who know very well how to play the game and most probably play together on their club teams.

College coaches know that high school is second to club in Florida (but I’m guessing in all the US). Bottom line is for those that take high school soccer seriously for future (NCAA) considerations will probably not be getting any serious looks from colleges coaching staff anyway.

The solid reality of the United States soccer scene is that getting recruited without playing club soccer is almost impossible, especially in Florida which is located far from where the majority of the colleges are in the nation and no coaches are willing to drive down here to see you play in a high school game.

The other reality is that many of the most important national club recruiting showcases are held right in the middle of the high school soccer season.

High school coaches that don’t accommodate their best athletes so they can participate in these tournament and showcase events with their club teams and pursue their college soccer dreams are being small minded egocentric and selfish scumbags.

The same with our goalkeeper academy students that are denied permission to work on their goalkeeper skills on Fridays (unless there’s a game) and frankly I think they deserve to have those players walk out on them. Those players make great contributions to their high school teams because of what they learned attending our goalkeeper academy, not the other way around. High school coaches should be grateful to have them on their teams.

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