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1. We are the first established goalkeeper academy covering Palm Coast, Daytona Beach, Ormond Beach, Deltona, Deland New Smyrna Beach and our hometown Port Orange.
2. We are the largest year round goalkeeper academy in Florida.
3. We are the best equipped Goalkeeper Academy not just in Daytona Beach / Port Orange, but in all of North America.
4. We are the least expensive goalkeeper academy in Central Florida…
5. Goalkeeper receive free gloves, we are the only academy that will do this out of pocket.
6. We will assist the keepers high school or soccer club games assisting the keeper from the sideline collecting valuable feedback and at no cost.
7. Low income families are not charged and never will be.
8. Free clinics and additional training session free of charge

1.This is the longest lasting goalkeeper academy in our county or the surrounding counties located in Central Florida. Many have attempted prior and after us, but have all failed, simply because they’re all “FOR PROFIT” they want to make big money. We want to develop the keepers keeping tuition at the lowest price possible, making it affordable for everyone and I say EVERYONE!!

2. There is no other year-round Goalkeeper Academy in Florida that has our numbers, we are the largest in the Southeast of the United States, but we can’t confirm that yet. There are 50+ GK’s that get additional training from our academy, thats more than 10 different youth soccer clubs, 9 high schools and 4 college soccer programs. We are not like other academies, we do not poach in other peoples back yard, we are 100% organic, parents and keepers come to us!

ZEE Goalkeeper Academy

3. Them that are sponsoring our goalkeeper academy are providing us (in exclusive for the state of Florida) all the goalkeeper equipment we could ever need, we have had close to a dozen sports companies contact us wanting to sponsor our program this year alone. We’ve teamed up with at 4 international soccer equipment Manufacturing companies and a 5th is about to join them.

Goalkeeper Taking Shot on Goal

4. The academy two years back was charging $75.00 tuition per student per month, 12 months ago tuition was cut back to $60.00 per month and next month of August 2018 tuition will now cost $50.00 and the more that we go forward, the less it’s going to cost. Why? Very Simple!… Them that are supporting our goalkeeper academy are providing us (in exclusive for the state of Florida) all the goalkeeper equipment we could ever need, we have had close to a dozen sports companies contact us wanting to sponsor our program this year alone. We spend less and less money to keep the academy functional, so the less it costs us, the less tuition costs the families. From next month our tuition costs will be half of what any other goalkeeper academy charges in this area. HALF!

5. Every goalkeeper at our academy at least once has received a free pair of quality goalkeeper gloves, this will never change, keepers get gloves also at price cost, while most goalkeeper academies will push on you their sponsored brand of gloves at ridiculous prices.

6. We have followed our students at ZERO COST as far as Fort Myers, and Valdosta in Georgia. conference games, tournaments, ID Camps we will be there for the students that ask us to be on the sideline and to assist them. I may seem unreal, but this is what we do. The feedback that the Academy gets back from these games, helps up work on what needs to be improved with our keepers. You will not find another goalkeeper academy in all the country that will do this for free.

7. There is some amazing talent out there, but some of the boys and girls are not as lucky as the most. Their families are low income and cant afford to keep their children in a year round goalkeeper academy. We provide free tuition to these families. We base it on free youth soccer club tuition: If goalkeepers receive free tuition from the club they play for, we will match it, they will not pay a single cent!

8. Free clinics and additional training sessions. It’s not just Friday’s!!!… Every time that there is a day off school or any other sort of opening, we put in a free and extra training session, during the fall/winter/spring we average at 5 academy sessions per month, while in the summer the average is set at 7. Once again you will NEVER be charged for additional group training or clinics!

Select soccer balls

All the above is what has made this academy the largest in its kind. The competition? (if we can call it that) is all about profit, you can’t pay you won’t play. That’s why they remain in single digit numbers of participants and that is why they see keepers come and go on a monthly basis. It wont take long to figure out the differences between The Zee Goalkeeper Academy and them that dream being us.

Our training sessions consist in real game set scenarios, we’re not going to lay out the same training you’ll get at your soccer club or high school, we leave that to them, we go beyond.
The reason we develop goalkeepers twice as fast is because we have the equipment to do it. CHECK OUT OUR TRAINING VIDEOS and you’ll see that there is no other goalkeeper academy in the country that can set up a field the way we do and by doing so we put the keeper in the game and make them understand each and every training situation naturally.

Grassroots goalkeeper training

Keep in mind that the modern Goalkeeper has increased demands to be a more complete player than ever before. Today’s responsibilities of the GK extend far beyond just standing between the posts and saving what comes his/her way. To be effective, goalkeepers must participate in the prevention of the development of goal scoring chances inside and outside of their 18 yard box. Our training curriculum is just that, is all of that and we do it our way with our techniques and our made drills.
There is a very good reason why we are the largest goalkeeper academy in the state and everyone else follows!

Don’T be fooled by smooth talking people that claim to be amazing goalkeeper coaches, follow the facts, do your research on us and on other goalkeeper academies and you’ll be heading our way in no time.

I’m Rick Zucchi born in the UK, I lived and played in goal in Italy for two decades, I moved to the US 20 years ago and I am a proud US citizen! I have been coaching goalkeepers since 1994, one of them is my son Blake (age 7), he plays for the U11 team at Deltona Youth Soccer Club, I am the goalkeeper academy director at that very same club. I work with over 70 goalkeepers, from rec soccer all the way to Division I NCAA goalkeepers. I own and run the Zee Goalkeeper Academy. Please feel free to contact me at any time!

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