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How many times have you read when searching for a Goalkeeper Training School the following:
“Looking for a high-level training environment to challenge yourself and sharpen your goalkeeping abilities? You’ve come to the right place!!”
Out of the three dozen goalkeeper schools that I know of, there isn’t one of them that doesn’t have a title like this or something very similar to this either on their website or social media pages. Have you also noticed that the big words never come with videos showcasing their abilities and backing up their claims? In most cases you’ll have a 30 second video of 2 strikers kicking balls at 2 keepers in about 4 different angles all taken with a drone and some fancy music in the background. What they won’t show you is the true identity of their product, they show you the box all taped up with no chance to check out the real contents.

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So, here is my claim: Goalkeepers come to the ZEE Goalkeeper Academy for specific and detailed training and they leave every academy session with something new that they can take to the game day field. Whether you are new to the position or looking to prepare for a NCAA season, our academy thanks to it’s “IN GAME” training curriculum and the most advanced goalkeeper equipment nationwide will offer you what other goalkeeper academies will promise but can’t deliver.

The ironic part in all of the above? is that it’s actually true!

The idea of creating a more advanced and realistic game set curriculum came to mind back in 2016, when I was still the goalkeeper director at the Port Orange Soccer Club. I was brought in to take over the goalkeeper academy by back then DSO Brittany Jones and DOC Pat Soncini. The club took the academy very seriously and gave me white-paper to set it up the way I wanted.
It was then that I started to introduce my own game set curriculum and the results were very comforting.

BUD Mannequins

The reasons behind the Zee Goalkeeper Academy success is not a mystery. It starts when I opened the Goalkeeper Training School I have tested and drastically improved the curriculum, making each and every single drill more realistic to the game.

In order to create the correct real-game-scenario the academy needed the most advanced goalkeeper equipment on the market, so all proceeds were and still are entirely re-invested in purchasing everything that I considered necessary for this curriculum to take place on the field.

We present our students with real challenges. The result is both powerful and enduring. The Zee GK Academy experience will stay with you long after you have left us. The modern Goalkeeper has increased demands to be a more complete player than ever before. What a lot of people don’t understand is that the responsibilities of the goalkeeper extend beyond just standing in goal and stopping the ball from going in. The goalkeepers will learn the technical skills needed to be tactically perfect, but will take home what we offer and other goalkeeper schools don’t.

There are other programs out there, franchisers that claim they’re the next best thing to Barcelona or Manchester United but there is only one ZEE Goalkeeper School. Attend our program and initiate a special bond that will impact you the Goalkeeper for life.

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