The ZEE Goalkeeper Academy has chosen the Select Blaze DB as its new soccer ball

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Blake ZucchiWe’re constantly updating our equipment, it’s non-stop, not a single month goes by without our academy updating some of their inventory.
After two years using the Wilson NCAA Forte Fybrid soccer balls, we’ve decided that it’s time to update these as well, In September we’ll be introducing the latest model of the Select Blaze DB soccer ball.
Select is the third most sold soccer ball brand in the US (first in Europe), so there must be a reason why college programs such as the NAIA, and NJCAA have adopted Select as their official soccer ball, not to mention the USL and PDL pro championships as well. Officially 1,200 youth soccer clubs all around the US use this exclusive soccer ball brand.

Select Soccer

In this month of August we took to the field and tested the Select Blaze DB against the Nike Ordem V and the Adidas Euro Qualifier Official Match ball. This test was held at two of our goalkeeper academy sessions. After three hours of continually using the balls in footwork and saving drills, both the coaches and goalkeepers alike came to the conclusion that the Select Blaze DB soccer ball blows both the Adidas and Nike soccer balls out of the water when it comes down to grip/handling, precision shooting and balance.

On September 17 2018 there will be the official introduction of this soccer ball during a Free Goalkeeper Clinic here in Port Orange Florida. The clinic is for all goalkeepers from any youth soccer club affiliation and not only for Zee Goalkeeper Academy members.

Select Soccer Balls

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