The ZEE Goalkeeper Academy is no longer affiliated with Goalkeeper related brand J4K (Just4Keepers).

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I’m a believer that anything you build and work very hard for, should remain yours and you should always take total credit for it.
I started this academy from the ground up and have worked with over 70 goalkeepers in the past two years, more than 50 of you are still my academy students, making this the
largest year round goalkeeper academy in the US. You the parents, your children and Myself have built this academy up together, we are a huge family we need our own identity.

Rick Zee

This past week I emailed the J4K administration letting him know of this decision. Therefore I will no longer be involved in any Camps, clinics or training sessions held/hosted by J4K.
I want to thank J4K for the opportunity that they gave my academy and also for their generosity towards my goalkeepers. Let’s don’t forget that J4K donated 24 pairs of gloves to the goalkeepers at the Port Orange SC back in 2016 and another box full of J4K products this year to the US Soccer Foundation. When others turned us down J4K helped.

ZEE is now a registered trademark and I am moving forward. I already have in-house 30 pairs of “Prototype ZEE branded Goalkeeper Gloves” . These gloves are made at the same factory where Puma has their goalkeeper gloves made. These gloves in part have already been handed out to College Goalkeepers. Shortly these keepers will report back with valuable feedback. Then if the gloves are up to standard, they’ll go into production in all sizes from 5 to 11.

The “blue-print” is to become a brand that will be noticed all over the country for its academy and camps, and all over the world for its GK gloves and protective apparel. The brand is supported by investors that truly believe in this project and like Myself want to see the branding of this academy take off.
I don’t want to franchise, and whoever wants GK training will have to drive to Port Orange, or attend our camps and clinics in and around Florida/Georgia this is where the Zee Goalkeeper Academy functions and there will be no other ZEE GK Academy in any other location.

Rick Zucchi
ZEE Goalkeeper Academy and Goalkeeper Gloves

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