Two Years of the ZEE Goalkeeper Academy

Who has attended the academy from it’s foundation has certainly witnessed it’s growth, from a handful of Goalkeepers where now we now have close to 40 goalkeepers that train on a regular basis every Friday at the fields. In total the academy works with around 60+ goalkeepers that are located in other counties from Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville and Tallahassee. It is organically growing, we don’t rasp off other academies as we don’t have to. Other academies can’t deliver the training or the equipment we do.

The Goalkeeper Academy is now capped, no more than 40 goalkeepers at out Port Orange academy will have access to our Friday sessions. This decision has been taken for two very good reasons:

*We are now sponsored by four major sports equipment companies that provide us with all the tools we need. This saves us from spending thousands of dollars to update our equipment inventory.
*I have initiated the production of the ZEE branded goalkeeper gloves that will be sold on three national sports websites starting early 2019. A portion of the income from the glove sales will be reinvested into the academy and hopefully very soon the academy will have it’s own training facility.

Tuition at this time is $50 per month per student. The US average for goalkeeper training is $25 per hour for group training. Basically our Goalkeeper Academy is offering it services at half the price, with the addition of having the largest inventory of goalkeeper equipment in North America. Tuition around mid 2019 will be lowered again!

Our Goalkeeper Academy is offered to students that take it seriously, anyone that uses the academy just from time to time is now no longer welcome. I don’t think that any of your children would skip multiple soccer club or high school practices every month. We can’t and will no longer coach an athlete if they show up only “sometimes”. The Goalkeeper Academy has to be taken seriously and formed by students that want to take their goalkeeping to the next level. We’re not a babysitting daycare, we take our goalkeeper training very seriously and we work with only committed goalkeepers and parents.

Parents and students that use our goalkeeper academy understand that it gives great advantages that regular club goalkeeper training can’t deliver. We are known for creating in every drill a real game-set scenario, so that the keepers understand in full the drill and can execute it better and faster when put in the same position on the field on game day.

Here we are 2 years later! 33% of our students started this adventure with us back then, many will leave us to head off to a college soccer program. That’s our goal!

If you think that your child can take his/her goalkeeping seriously and you’d like to see them take their goalkeeping to a high level then I suggest you contact us to receive and invite for a free academy session.
Said that I’m not saying that you’ll be admitted to the academy, but we’d love to see your goalkeeper skills and evaluate you!

Rick Zee
ZEE Goalkeeper Academy

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