ZEE Bucks: Starting January 1st 2021

ZEE Bucks are a reward program where you can earn at no cost coupons to receive Zee Jerseys, Hoodies, Bags and Goalkeeper Gloves. For every 5 Zee bucks you can request an official ZEE Goalkeeper Academy Training Jersey , 10 ZEE Bucks get you an official ZEE Hoodie or glove bag or save your ZEE bucks and reach 20 to receive a pair of official ZEE Goalkeeper gloves .

However, it’s important to note that ZEE Bucks can only be earned during our year-round goalkeeper academy sessions, clinics and summer or winter camps. Every Friday session each group of goalkeepers will have a winner (1 goalkeeper) based on their performance and they will be awarded a ZEE Buck. ZEE Bucks are also awarded to attendance, if you never miss a session during the month, you will be awarded a ZEE Buck!

The reward program starts on the first Friday of January 2021and will continue all the way throughout the year.

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