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The Idea to work with high schools started in October of 2018 when the academy was contacted by Columbia High School and asked to create a curriculum for their varsity and JV goalkeepers. We worked with the 8 keepers for 4 days sending them back to their coaches and teams knowing a lot more about the goalkeeper role and responsibilities. Since then the academy has staged camps and clinics at four additional high schools and we’re booked for another two in the late summer early fall.

It is no secret that our academy works with dozens and dozens of goalkeepers, we brag about the success we’ve had on social media all the time 🙂 However this success didn’t happen overnight. The academy is built organically, either they be a part of a youth soccer program or a high school or both, one keeper pulls another.

The selection of the coaches plays a huge role in the success of the academy. We have set certain standards, such as: Our coaches must have played at least at a college level and must hold a USSF C license (or higher) or the equivalent from another FIFA federation. You can be the best goalkeeper coach in the world, but if you don’t have a background and the licenses to back it up, then most likely you wont end up on our staff roster.


Two years ago this project started off with one coach, 60 Wilson soccer balls and a shed of goalkeeper equipment. The students were 11. Today there are 5 academy coaches, 11 camp and clinic coaches and another 7 coaches in three states affiliated with the ZEE Goalkeeper Academy. We are proud partners with Select Sports the worldwide leader in pro-soccer balls and with half a dozen sports equipment companies. The on growing inventory of detailed goalkeeper equipment is larger than any MLS teams equipment list; More like any MLS team wishlist!

Goalkeeper Classwork

The possibilities to work with several youth soccer clubs is very limited as time and distances can be an issue, for this, we will be cooperating (starting this fall and all season long) on a bi-weekly basis with two Florida youth soccer clubs alone. Our affiliates in other states are also doing the same.

Our next high school clinic is in October and it is a little different than any past clinic. It’s a matter-of-fact that the stage will be for both goalkeepers and field players. The academy works with some of the most qualified field coaches in Florida, so why not expand and offer the high schools and soccer clubs a complete professional service?!! Our next high school clinic will be composed of 80 field players and goalkeepers. Our team is already creating a unique training curriculum for both the players and their coaches.

This for us is nothing new as we have introduced footwork at the goalkeeper academy for over a year now, but taking our academy to a new platform is simply adding a complete service to all soccer players and not just the goalkeepers.

This has taken the Zee Goalkeeper Academy to organize it’s first Striker-Goalkeeper Camp on December 28-30 2019. The camp will be held at the Coraci Sports Complex in Port Orange Florida.

Goalkeeper Event

As fast as we are expanding, we think that bringing not only the best goalkeeper training to the pitch, but also a full soccer program for high school field players and their coaches is the best choice, thus giving all soccer players the same opportunity to enter our high-end academy program through our Goalkeeper-Striker camps and clinics.

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