ZEE Goalkeeper Camps

ZEE Goalkeeper Camps

ZEE is the largest year-round goalkeeper academy in the Southeast of the United States, no other goalkeeper school comes even close when it comes down to custom training and the multitude of training equipment we can put on the field! In Port Orange Florida alone there are 42 goalkeepers trusting the ZEE goalkeeper academy for their weekly development and another 31 goalkeepers spread around Central Florida that join us for our camps and clinics.

It is a fact that the 4 day goalkeeper camp held by us in August was the largest goalkeeper camp ever to happen in North America!

At first I was not in favor of expanding the ZEE Goalkeeper Academy, Clinics and Camps, but I gave it some thought and and said “Why Not!” We’re taking the brand through the sales of goalkeeper gloves all over the nation, so why not deliver around the country our Academy as well?.. So this is what will happen in the 2019:

We will be selecting goalkeeper coaches that have at minimum of a USSF D license (C or higher preferred) or a USC GK3 diploma (ANGK preferred) and that have had playing experience either as a professional (minimum 3 years) or in any of the NJCAA, NAIA or NCAA college soccer programs. Coaches will need to have an inventory of goalkeeper training equipment that can provide real-game-set training and therefore Mannequins, agility poles, rebounders and full size goals.

The perfect example is in the images below: I found the top (of the two) photograph on a Social Media page where they were actually bragging about their layout. I would be ashamed to present myself at an academy session, clinic or camp with this kind of equipment!!

Bad Goalkeeper Coaches

The photograph below it is a very “Basic” ZEE Goalkeeper Academy set up. The difference between us and them is that we take pride in our presence, what we offer should always be more than what the goalkeeper and their parents are expecting to find! If I were to take my son to a goalkeeper camp and there was a rebounder instead of a goal with a busted net hanging on it, if there were 24 balls and basically none of them are the same brand or model, that gives me the hint that this keeper is either broke, and therefore he has no students, or hes keeping all the cash without re-investing a penny. I would ask for a refund and take my son elsewhere.
So, you won’t just need licensing, you’ll also need “adequate training equipment” to become a ZEE Goalkeeper Coach.

Insurance is also very important, we will not give our name to an uninsured goalkeeper coach! Insurance today through the United Soccer Coaches is very convenient and low-price, so there really is no excuse not to have it.

In December 2017 and June 2018 I held two goalkeeper camps with the organization called Just 4 Keepers. It works like this: They list your event on one of their websites where keepers/parents will sign up, you have control of whats happening thanks to a very remote database access where you get to see who and how many have signed up to your goalkeeper camp.

Well, After the first goalkeeper camp in December I noticed that the advertising on Just 4 Keepers website was not effective at all, simply because all but three goalkeepers that signed up at the camp were my academy goalkeepers, goalkeepers and parents that I invited to sign up. So basically 27 out of 30 campers were my local students.

Just 4 Keepers however deducted from my earnings 50%, so basically they sent my way three goalkeepers, for a total of $525 in tuition fees, but then took back $2500+ I felt it was very unfair as I had done all the promoting, I provided all the equipment and basically Just 4 Keepers provided the goalkeeper gloves and kits “under payment” and basically that’s all.

Wasting Money

I personally thought that it was wrong, but I decided to give it another try. Then came June and again 33 campers 28 of them I had personally invited to sign up and again I had to surrender 50% of all profits to Just 4 Keepers. That is when I decided that I could do this by myself and not give away hard earned money for nothing in exchange.

Many would think I’m exaggerating, but I have documents in the form of Paypal payments, invoices, emails and other official documents to prove what I just said.

I truly think that by requesting higher standards from the coaches and offering them the chance to keep most of the income is both better for the campers and for the coaches.

The ZEE goalkeeper glove is a professional high-end goalkeeper glove, it is hand made and all materials are the same used by the top of the line goalkeeper gloves like the Predator or the Vapor Grip 3. 90% of the goalkeeper gloves on today’s market don’t even come close to the quality of the ZEE Pro-Game 2.0 goalkeeper glove. Anyone that is selling a goalkeeper glove for $100 or less and wants to compare them through deep testing, then please come forward, but I warn you: You will make a fool of yourselves.

Great Goalkeeper Gloves

We are working on a website ZeeGoalkeeperCamps.com. It’s function will be to advertise our ZEE goalkeeper coaches and camps around the country, we will be providing the coaches with our fence banners, goalkeeper gloves and goalkeeper kits at a 50% (or more) discount price. Out of the tuition all that we will keep is the credit card processing fees and 7% tax, the rest is theirs, because they worked for it and they deserve it.

Loop holes? Just one: With a part of their income they’ll have to upgrade something in their training equipment and provide us with a Proof Of Purchase Document, because we don’t just want to look after the goalkeeper coaches, but we also want that the Goalkeepers themselves benefit from this!

We will promote on the website not just camps, but also clinics, academy sessions and other events that the goalkeeper coaches want to expose, it will be a very active website with daily updates.

This is something that no one else will provide for their coaches, simply because they can’t make huge profits from it and if they want to compete with it they’ll have to take a hefty profit cut!

At the end of the story this program will upgrade the level and quality of training, because at the end of the day it is all about the goalkeeper and his parents, the athlete and the investor!

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