ZEE to become both Goalkeeper and “Soccer” Academy

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Let’s start saying : This is for Friday’s only and our plan of an all year round soccer academy is not to become a competitive travel club.

If the Academy in just 3 years became the largest year-round Goalkeeper School in the US, and we achieved  this popularity in a county that is not considered “Soccer Based” Then it could very well be that we know what we’re doing when it comes down to developing goalkeepers.

Why not extend that training quality to field players as well by creating a parallel Soccer Academy alongside our Goalkeeper School?

This did not just spark out of no place, it has been on the blackboard for sometime, we just needed to find the team of highly qualified coaching staff in order to start things off the way it should be

The academy will be overseen by a “Yet-to-be-announced” technical director from Italy (Played 13 seasons in Serie A, a former Italian national team player and UEFA-FIGC outfield “A-Pro” license coach).

90% of pro-soccer players without a doubt would not have reached their goals in soccer if it were not for the private training they sought out as a young player. While team training experience is surely important; the crucial element necessary for full player development (with no difference if player is a beginner or advanced) can only be acquired through Academy training by professionals who have already played at a pro-level.

A club team coach’s focus is on how all the team must function as a group, as their focus should be! But like we mentioned before, The ZEE Soccer Academy will be on the individual player’s team.

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The Academies focus will be to teach the “individual” player the technical and tactical aspects of the game; To help the field player grow in mostly in coordination and agility; Like our Goalkeepers we will guarantee that the field players mature in drastically confidence, assertiveness, communication, and mentally; When these elements are all combined at the Academy, soccer takes on a brand new identity – it becomes a skill that sets a person a part, a source of fun, love for the game and personal growth.
We will have the coaches and the equipment that no other academy in central Florida can provide.

Rick Zucchi:
“As the owner and director of the ZEE Goalkeeper Academy I grew up with soccer, everything in my spare time was soccer related. My mother’s from England, my dad was Italian, I played in both countries. I went from playing to coaching, collecting all licenses and diplomas needed in order to coach goalkeepers at any level. – To be able to offer a High-End Goalkeeper School and a Soccer Academy to children from all over central Florida, with the best equipment available at a third of the price, is no longer an idea, but in Summer 2020 will be a solid reality!”

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