ZEE Winter Goalkeeper Camps were a massive success

I like to brag about numbers, I do it all the time. I do it for two reasons, the first because last summer a franchising made a move to snatch my academy off of me. As you can see they miserably failed and are paying the price of that attempted swipe on their own backs. Secondly, we’re located in Central Florida a town called Port Orange. Indeed it is a pleasant and well organized town, but it’s not a “City” of millions of residents just like Jacksonville, Tampa, Miami or Orlando… Port Orange is a 20th of the size of the smallest of the four cities I just mentioned.
Getting to the point, we in Port Orange have a year-round GK Academy, Goalkeeper Clinics and Camps with numbers that none of the above cities have ever seen. The only way that they’ll see these numbers is if we host a camp in in one of the above cities, and it looks like we will 🙂

It is a matter of fact that we’ve already initiated contacts with youth soccer clubs in Boca Raton, Miami and Sarasota. We will be bringing this summer a wave of goalkeeper camps in these areas along with our resident camps in Port Orange, Daytona Beach and Lake City.

ZEE Goalkeeper Academy

In the past few months a goalkeeper camp franchising (that claims to be a magical potion for GK’s) has advertised 2 goalie camps right here in Florida, sadly for them no one signed up for either camp and the camps never happened. During the same period the ZEE Goalkeeper Academy came out with two back to back GK camps. Incredible numbers of participants, we had the pleasure to work with 60+ goalkeepers that joined us in Port Orange and Lake City, keepers from all over Florida and beyond. It was great to see parents driving from Georgia, North Carolina and Mississippi in order to bring their children to our events. For the two camps we brought in the most amazing group of coaches and had our venues at two incredible locations. It sounds like a fairy tail, but it actually happened and it only will get better as we widen our reach over the Southeast of the United States.

ZEE Goalkeeper Academy

Filling to “Full Capacity” two goalkeeper camps a few days after Christmas until today was basically unheard of, well, until we went and did it. The secret? There is no secret! We’re not going to tell you that we’re the best and leave it at that! We post “integral” videos every week of our training sessions, clinics and camps. We show parents and goalkeepers alike what we do, how we train and operate. We don’t try to sell a product in a wrapped box, we do it through a wide open window!

Word of mouth, parent to parent and goalkeeper to goalkeeper, that is why we’re always at full capacity. Posting on social media weekly training session, having these sessions with “Licensed” coaches that use the ultimate goalkeeper equipment. This is a good reason why we’re the only GK Academy that documents and publishes all of its sessions, camps and clinics because we have nothing to hide.

The success of our winter camps was because we’re the only 100% transparent goalkeeper academy in Florida. What you see is what you get and with the ZEE GK Academy you get a LOT!

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