High-Level Soccer Camps and how they Bring Soccer Communities Together.

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In less than 2 week the ZEE Goalkeeper Academy is to provide an intensive 3-day goalkeeper camp right here in Port Orange, Florida. This specific camp is geared toward athletes, 8 – 17 years old, who are interested in experiencing a high level goalkeeper training environment. Our past 2017 Winter camp apparently put a buzz on the street as Goalkeeper and their parents are willing to travel greater distances to be a part of our summer camp on June 4th.

In the past we have all placed our children in local “Babysitting” soccer camps (me included). When attending these camps I’m sure you’ve all noticed that the crowd was 100% local. That’s because these camps are spread out all over the place, you can find them at low price and in every town… All over the US, all Summer long. So basically parents stick to the closes one that they can find, they drop the kid off before work, then pick them up when they get off. It’s pretty much worth the $150/week, costs less than a personal babysitter and the kids have fun. Basically that’s all they’ll have is Fun.

Then you have the High-Level soccer camps or how they like to call them in Italy the “Micro-Camps”.
Micro-Camps are for campers that want to take their skills to the next level surrounded by professional coaches in a fun environment. Parents and campers are willing to travel longer distances to reach these camps. Mostly because there are fewer of them.

Goalkeeper Camps

I’ll bring in two examples: Two summers ago my son attended GK Coach Aidan Davison’s DSA goalkeeper camp. There were not a lot of people, but, he had keepers from Jacksonville and Melbourne attending, basically some of the keepers drove 200 miles there and back every day to attend the camp.

This past December at the Port Orange ZEE winter camp, we had three goalkeepers come from Miami another two from West Palm Beach and registered at our ZEE summer camp we have parents driving as far as from Pensacola, Naples and Key West 300-400 miles away.

At these kind of camps you get the goalkeeper and the GK parent that is looking for something different, something that they can take back home with them, something that will come back to them during the game, they want advanced and elite training and it’s very hard to find an organization that can offer you that. That’s why parents will book their children at the camp, fill their car full of gas and drive hundreds of miles to reach what their looking for.

The great thing that I’ve noticed at ZEE Goalkeeper Camps is that the goalkeepers interact and make friends with other keepers from all over and beyond the state. Parents on the stands talk to one another, about their youth soccer clubs, coaches and ordinary chit-chat. The Babysitter camps don’t offer anything of the above besides fun, but in some cases not even that as there are local parents that don’t like one another and same with the campers.

Meeting new people, doing different and advanced training is a lot better 🙂

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