Host a ZEE Goalkeeper Camp at your Soccer Club or Sports Complex

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Goalkeeper Camps Florida
Our schedule fills up very quickly, so please don’t let this opportunity slip by… Act Today!

The ZEE Goalkeeper Academy offers the opportunity to host exciting goalkeeper camps, clinics and classes in your area. If you are a Youth Soccer Club and would like to have us in your community to host a goalkeeper camp, then don’t hesitate to pick up the phone or drop us an email right away. We host goalkeeper camps all year round. Summer, Winter, Spring or Fall, the weather in Florida allows us to host it whenever you want.
Obviously the earlier we hear from your organization the more chance we have of finding open dates that are suitable for all.

Winter Goalkeeper Camp Florida

Goalkeeper Equipment

We offer different kinds of goalkeeper camps. Starting with the two day (5 hour per day camp) that is mainly for beginning and intermediate players. We also offer intensive four day morning camps (8 am to Noon) for goalkeepers aged 13 and over. However dates and schedule can be arranged with the club or school directors.


What we need from you: A suitable location (soccer or football field) with a shaded area and bathroom facilities.

What do we provide: Professional and licensed goalkeeper coaches that provide a safe environment, the most advanced and updated goalkeeper equipment and a structured curriculum. We will also host the event on our website and take care of registration and payment processing. The event will also be advertised on our very popular social media pages.

Your next move? Contact us!
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