June 2020: 3 weeks long ZEE Soccer & Goalkeeper Summer camp

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Based on the fact that this is NOT the same old babysitting soccer camp!
Our coaches have all played at a college or/and professional level!
All of our coaches are at least UEFA – USSF C licensed and coach soccer at a college level or higher.

We believe that it is vital for an aspiring future college soccer player to learn from highly trained and experienced coaches who bring enthusiasm and knowledge to each session. So, the camp will not just one big name in order to attract the masses, but each and every one of our soccer and goalkeeper coaches are the best at what they do in their aria of played soccer. Either it be at an academic, college or professional level!

The camp starts right after school ends for the summer break, it’s what every child waits for. So the concept of our 3 week camp is that to keep in mind that the children want to have a blast and enjoy the training, the games, their new teammates/ friends who all share this passion for the game of soccer, all of them wanting the improving opportunities our camps offer.

The ZEE Soccer Academy camps are available for 3 of the 4 weeks of June 2020 for field players and goalkeepers ages 8 to 18, from the starter athlete to the aspiring professional.  Our Soccer Academy is being designed to provide the best possible soccer instruction for field players and goalkeepers like always in fun but a professional environment. The soccer academies goal is to provide the best learning experience possible through high level training. Instructing an attractive attacking way to look at soccer for all positions (no matter if you’re a goalkeeper or a filed player) is a priority.

So before we move forward let’s give out some info regarding dates and times of our major summer event:

WHEN: June 1-4, June 8-11 and June 15-18.
EACH DAY: 8.00 am to 12.00 pm
COST:  $150 per week – $400 all 3 weeks
LOCATION: TBA – Port Orange, Florida

Now let’s break it down for what we’ll be working on with the soccer players (field Players):

Strikers will follow a daily advanced curriculum that will focus on improving everything, from their first touch, striking techniques, 1 v 1 attacking and defending, crossing, direct assist, clearing, headering the ball and finishing in front of the goal. All field players will also be placed in match-day conditions to focus on positional play and tactical decision-making.

Along with the coaches the campers will train side-by-side several college soccer programs from the NAIA, NJCAA and the NCAA.
Every day of the 3 weeks, we will introduce a new technical high-tech component “A MUST” for the modern day goalkeeper. These skill sets are the latest FIFA approved goalkeeper training techniques and include, footwork, positional play, handling high-mid-low balls, distribution, shot-stopping, breaking away, commanding your defense and all necessary swift decision making moments of the game. Thus to create a realistic game environment, where the Goalkeepers comprehend in every single detail the actions they need to take in every save!

Goalkeepers and Field players will train on separate fields from 8.00 am to 11.00 am, then for the remaining hour keepers and field players will interact either in scrimmages or target shooting/saving.

We have it all! Up to date we have spent close to $43,000 in soccer-goalkeeper equipment, we intend to place a budget for 2020 of another $12,000, thus to guarantee the very best results for our students and campers.
No other soccer school anyplace in North America has the quality and quantity soccer-goalkeeper equipment we do PERIOD!

Campers will have the option to chose a week of training from June 1-4, June 8-11 or June 15-18 or take the 3 week option and enjoy the $50 discount. We have prepped a larger discount for siblings.

If you want to reserve your spot at our major summer event then visit our Soccer Camp Page.

For any further information, please feel free to contact the camp director at 352.226.4324 – admin@rickzucchi.com

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