Skill-Building vs Babysitting soccer camps.

Let’s don’t waste time and go straight to the point:

Soccer skill-building camps focuses on the introduction of soccer skills and development in a fun “learning” environment and not just a “Fun” environment. This is achieved through expert coaching, and specific role training. Skill camps are a structure and solid connection to the college and even the professional game, an environment is created that keeps players interested in their own development long after the camp concludes. They take it back to their youth soccer club or/and high school soccer program.

Babysitting soccer camps Water balloon fights, Pizza day, movie time, soccer tennis tournament, cheerleading and other very entertaining things that your child will love, trust me they’ll have a blast, but your investment ends when the camp ends. In nearly all cases your child is going to come home with amazing memories, but that’s about it.

There are a lot of camps going on this June and July. I have J4K goalkeeper camps going on all summer in many different locations in Florida, J4K also teamed up with Daytona State College Woman’s Soccer Program to provide an intensive 4-day goalkeeper and striker camp. Our camp is geared toward athletes, 8 – 18 years old, who are interested in experiencing a high level training environment with daily topics for both keepers and strikers that will be put to use against each other in the afternoon. Participants will also gain exposure to inner the workings of the Daytona State soccer program, the college recruiting process, and the skills necessary to compete at the collegiate level.

These two camps (J4K goalkeeper camp June 4th – 6th and the Daytona State J4K Striker GK camp June 18th – 22nd) are two specific and in depth soccer skill-building camps! These are the so-called “Mom and Dad investment camps” where the kids will have a fun time and will have that fun while working hard at what they like best! These camps are specific for goalkeepers and field players that want to take soccer to the next level!

At both camps goalkeepers and field players will be working at all times with ex professionals, college coaches, academy directors and coaches that travel the world offering their coaching services USSF B – UEFA B licensed coaches! Innovated soccer equipment worth tens of thousands of dollars, basically everything that is needed to help develop the campers experience and take it all back to the game-day field!

While 99% of Babysitting camps offer local coaches, wannabe coaches, son’s of coaches, senior youth club and varsity high school players. What are you going to get from all that? is the low licensed coach going to offer you anything to make a difference in your soccer development? And if so, how? With 50 heavily used balls, 40 faded cones and a bunch of homemade agility poles made out of plumbing tubes and dog training spikes.

Just4Keepers and Daytona State Soccer are very serious about these two specific camps happening in June, I truly believe that this partnership is the future of Skill-Building soccer camps. The largest Goalkeeping school in the world and the fastest growing soccer program in the southeast of the United States have found one another and will work side by side offering something that no other campus has yet to offer.

If you think that your child needs to switch this summer from just having fun to improving their soccer skills and having fun at the same time… Then please feel free to do just that!!

Rick Zucchi
Just4Keepers USA

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