The ZEE International Winter Goalkeeper Camp was a huge success!

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Winter Goalkeeper Camp Florida

58 registered goalkeepers ages 9 to 18, joining us from 5 different states (as far as West Virginia). 10 goalkeeper coaches from 3 different continents. A soccer complex full of goalkeeper equipment. 100+ parents on the sidelines taking photographs and videos!

Every available spot at the Southwinds soccer complex had a group of goalkeepers training in it.

One would think that we’re exaggerating, but as you can see we have the images and footage to back up our words.

A special thank you goes out to Coaches: Mauricio Alvarado, Dan Paulo, Kristian Shores, Jeremia Hansen, Josh Anderson Santiago Fonseca, Paulo Pita, Dave Guinn and Collin Parsons that spent their holiday season time on the field working with these amazing athletes.

Goalkeeper Coaches

It was great to see that each individual coach brought with them a unique training curriculum and gave each goalkeeper an experience that they wont pick up anyplace else.

The ZEE Goalkeeper Academy is truly gifted to have a pool of the most qualified goalkeeper coaches in the US and the names will just keep on growing!

Amazing goalkeeper save

If we can put 58 goalkeepers on the field 3 days after Christmas, then how many soccer players in general can we bring in? This is why our next “Main” event in June is going to be a 3 week soccer camp.

The success of this goalkeeper camp just shows that what we’re doing is something different and a lot better than any other goalkeeper organization on the East Coast US right now. Every camp we organize has larger numbers, to the point where we have to close off registration 30 days before the event.

Once again a special thanks goes out to the nearly 60 students that attended this amazing event, an even more “THANK YOU” to the parents and also to our coaches!

We’d also like to thank the City Of Port Orange for helping us organize the camp.

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