What to expect at the Port Orange ZEE Summer Goalkeeper Camp this coming June 4th

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Well, first of all ZEE is the largest and unchallenged goalkeeper school in the world, In the US alone nearly every state is covered with one or more ZEE goalkeeper academies.
Right here in Port Orange the J4K goalkeeper academy is the largest “Year-Round” goalkeeper academy in the country and by far it is the best equipped.

Good point: “Best Equipped”, the most advanced equipment any goalkeeper academy, school, club can bring to the field. Not even a MLS franchising can compete with the amount and quality “Goalkeeper” equipment we have in our Port Orange Florida inventory.

But why do you need all this equipment when in the surrounding areas who offers goalkeeper training all they have is a little cart full of balls, cones, hurdles and agility poles?
With basic equipment you can teach your goalkeepers how to handle a ball and yes, how to make some saves. But with basic equipment you can’t put them in a real game set scenario. Well you can, but you’ll need at least 6 players to come and assist for a couple of hours a day and bore the crap out of them during the process.

The Port Orange GK camp will provide all the equipment necessary to develop real game set skills and saves, you will be in the game at all times, your surrounding will give you that feeling.

So, why don’t the other goalkeeper schools buy the same or even more specific GK equipment and take the lead? Well, then they’d be like us and they would not be cashing in. Besides most of the USSDA affiliated youth soccer clubs and some MLS programs nearly every other GK school that I know of is in it for the money first of all, then the development comes second. So if “Cash” is their first objective, then there will be very very very little investment in equipment.

It is time the youth competitive soccer society bring themselves back to reality, where coaches come from all over the world with the clear intent to scrape the barrel. For example in the UK, the “Pay-to-Play” model does not exist, there is no huge cash flow in UK competitive soccer. That’s why you find them in every club in the US (lol). Look for yourself, Google some of the largest so called “affiliate” clubs on the East Coast of the US, from Boston down to Orlando and you’ll see that most are Brit controlled.

Well, I’m a British born citizen as well, but for some reason I run in a totally different direction.

Back on track:
What makes us better coaches than anyone else? The J4K Port Orange GK Camp will see a mix of coaches from all areas of the soccer world: College coaches, Goalkeeper club directors, academy directors and ex pro-goalkeepers, from both Europe and the United States. Each and every single one of the coaches involved in the June 4th-6th GK camp will be bringing in a specific curriculum.

Something that you usually don’t get at a Goalkeeper Camp is the Head College Soccer Program Coach that comes in every morning to work on specific GK footwork drills, but most of all game set scenario drills, such as punting, goal kicks and mostly important “Back passing under pressure”.

Wow! This camp is expensive 175 FRIGGING BUCKS!!!
Actually it’s not. First of all, we are not a City Co-Sponsor (not yet), so we don’t get to use the fields for free. We pay the standard renting fees and renting out a stadium for 3 complete days, places a dent in your budget.
You also get a free pair of J4K pro-goalkeeper gloves ($45.00 – $55.00 retail value). Everyone will get an official J4K GK jersey. The camp provides Gatorade, bottled water, energy bars and other snacks, enough stock so that drinks and food will never run out! I also feel that our “Qualified” coaches need to be compensated well for their hard work and we pay our coaches close to double than the youth soccer club average, where in many cases you’ll find one coach and a bunch of clueless assistant teenage’s.

You’ll actually learn something:
We’re NOT a babysitting camp, you can find them all over the place, even some that say they offer incredible development, at the end of the day all your kid will have is fun. Hey, fun is good! But when you invest $200+ for a week you’d expect some sort of improvement in his soccer skills right? At the J4K Port Orange GK Camp they will be constantly developing their skills and have a lot of fun at the same time. Who attended our J4K 2017 winter camp can confirm just that. So at the end of the day we offer a “Return of investment” for mom and dad.

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