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Backtracking… Last August, the “Back to school” ZEE Goalkeeper camp counted 37 campers and before that amazing event 35 were them that joined us at our June 2018 camp. This rime around 42 goalkeepers signed up for this 2018 ZEE Winter Goalkeeper camp and that is a new record! The field of Coraci stadium in Port Orange was at full capacity! We could have added an extra coach and brought in another 8 students on our waiting list, but that would not have been the best step to take as numbers is not our first priority. Development and the best attention for every student come first!

At this incredible event we had many academy goalkeepers, but lots of no-resident keepers from many parts of Florida, but many joined us from other states such as Georgia, Alabama and North Carolina. The ZEE Goalkeeper Events are becoming a solid reality in the southeast of the US. Now that we carry our own brand of professional goalkeeper gloves and we are deeply involved with our partners Select Sports America. Everything looks like it is setting into place for our goalkeeper camp services to become the absolute leader.

For this event we were very fortunate to have among our coaching staff Marshal University goalkeeper Paulo Pita. Paulo was a great hit, he worked with all age groups and gave some amazing coaching points and demos on how to make the most difficult and challenging saves. We have miles of video of Paulo working with our campers and as you can see there are many published in this article.

Along with Paulo Pita we brought in for the event Coach Brittany Jones head coach at Daytona State women’s soccer program. Brittany works specifically on footwork with our campers, we are the first Goalkeeper academy nationwide to introduce specifically designed goalkeeper footwork sessions inside our camp curriculum. This is not the “tip tap pass here and there” 30 minute training drill you’ll see at other goalkeeper camps, but a program put in place to help in the minimum details goalkeepers when it comes down to footwork. From Daytona State College Soccer program we “borrowed” also Travis Rovillo. Travis is the assistant and GK coach at the men’s soccer program at DSC and I could ask nothing more for what he gave at our camp. Travis is a truly gifted communicator with goalkeepers of all ages and both parents and students thought the world of him!! Once again we were very happy to have with us Kristian Shores NCAA Div I goalie from Jacksonville University, unfortunately Kris just came from a serious shoulder injury and could not demo as we wished she could, but her coaching points during the hundreds of drills she laid out at our camp were a gold mine to any goalkeeper.

Select Sports America was the main sponsor/partner of this amazing event. Selcet supplied all campers with a professional goalkeeper jersey, the “Florida SS Jersey” not to mention that Selcet has already supplied our goalkeeper academy with 100 Select Blaze DB soccer balls. Select is now the official soccer balls of the ZEE Goalkeeper academy all the way through December 2020.

We were very glad to present our campers with the new and trendy Munin M-Station Rebounders. These rebounders are considered top of the line and are used by Arsenal FC, Manchester United, SS Lazio, PSG, Bayern Munich and many more.
We put them to the test and they totally worked out.

This amazing group of coaches promised that they’ll be back for our ZEE 2019 Summer Goalkeeper Camp June 3 through 6. Registration is already open, if you intend to be a part of our next event then I’d suggest you take action right away and sign up 🙂

If you have any questions regarding our future camps and clinics please visit Zee Goalkeeper Academy Facebook Page or our camp website at ZEEGoalkeeperCamps.com or drop us an email at admin@rickzucchi.com

As you’ll notice we don’t cut out a missed save or a mistake made by a goalkeeper in any of our videos, we try to keep them very realistic. We want future campers and parents of future campers to see first hand what they’ll receive at our goalkeeper camps. There are no flaws in our training curriculum, and you’ll see that in the video below and the others posted on this page.
You can also visit our ZEE Goalkeeper Academy YouTube page and check out the dozens and dozens of videos we have uploaded of our camps, clinics and academy sessions!

This goalkeeper camp like all of our camps seen campers divided into three age groups 8-11, 12-14, 14-18. Thus to ensure that our training given is proportional. Most goalkeeper camps that I have seen over the years will throw the students all in the same bucket. Stay away from camps that do this as development is at it’s lowest.

The introduction of the best goalkeeper equipment on the market is also what makes out goalkeeper camps unique and higher standard. You can claim to be the best coach in the world, but if you don’t have the equipment to back you up and support your training sessions, giving the students a very realistic vision of the game, then here again I suggest you avoid coaches, clinics and camps that have just cones and a few sticks here and there!

The importance of having college coaches at our camps either sitting on the bleachers or on the field coaching is also very important. There is a goalkeeper franchising that is out there and is using the letters “ID” in all of its camps titles. That is totally misleading, ID is when either there are college coaches involved in the camp or that are present on location to identify a goalkeeper of the future! We won’t place the letters “ID” in our camp titles, but at our camps we work with College Soccer Coaches and we love to see college coaches come to our camps, sit in the stands and watch!

At this camp Emily from Lake City that plays at CCSC and Lucas from New Smyrna Beach that plays at the Port Orange FESA won the camp MVP awards, both of these goalkeepers totally excelled in basically everything, both have a great attitude and are gifted keepers. Two amazing athletes and all 5 camp coaches agree that they have a very bright future ahead of them.
I’m very proud to work with Emily, Lucas and the dozens of other hard working goalkeepers that join us at our camps, clinics, academy and private sessions. It is rewarding for us to see such rapid development and growth in these athletes that follow our program and work had!

Bellow is a longer video of what went on at our Winter Goalkeeper Camp. The video is a crude copy and will give you a live feeling on how we run our goalkeeper camps. We like to keep the videos as uncut as possible as I personally think that Keepers and Parents need to see sessions in full and not just the “Fantastic Save” here and there!

This was truly an amazing goalkeeper camp, the best we’ve ever organized so far, the best, until we have our 2019 summer goalkeeper cam. Registration is already open, there are 40 spots available, so if you want your son or daughter to be a part of the most exciting goalkeeper camp every to happen in North America, then you know what to do!

Rick Zucchi “ZEE”

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