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The ZEE Goalkeeper Academy fly’s over the Atlantic ocean to open 8 goalkeeper academies in the United Kingdom! Wales, England and Scotland are the countries within Great Britain where the academies will take off (with GHQ in the North of Wales).

We are looking forward to opening new goalkeeper academies outside of the United States and the opportunity to develop keepers in the land where soccer was invented! As a leader in goalkeeper training, it is important that we expand our brand ZEE, but without putting hand on the outstanding coaches we have selected for these overseas academies.

It is a matter-of-fact that the ZEE Goalkeeper Academy UK will be totally independent from the US mother ship and will keep the UK standards of advanced goalkeeping.
Our vision is to impact and improve goalkeeping development around the world without making that many administrative and technical changes locally.

The ZEE development system is a multi-layered program that provides professional training at all levels of the game for both field players and goalkeepers. Each level of the player development pyramid has been structured to provide the best development opportunities and hand back to the soccer clubs “Advanced Soccer Players”.

With the formation of these new Goalkeeper Academies the ZEE brand will seek new opportunities to expand the sales of goalkeeper gloves withing the United Kingdom and Europe.

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