Beware of old school goalkeeper coaches as they are no longer effective for modern GK development

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I’ll start off this blog post with a comment posted on Facebook that a fellow Goalkeeper Coach brought to my attention, a comment certainly not posted by me or any goalkeeper coach I associate myself with or even respect.
Bad goalkeeper coaches

Is this the sign of a coach running desperate? Why would anyone that qualifies themselves as a goalkeeper coach even post such a thing? Many will describe and imagine that the coach that wrote this complete nonsense could be someone that is not willing to spend on modern goalkeeper equipment, because broke or possibly “OLD SCHOOL”.

Hi-tech equipment is used “DAILY” by all top of the line goalkeeper academies, college soccer programs and pro-soccer teams and not just in the US but worldwide. The days of goalkeeper coaches with the light inventory with no more than a few balls and cones is dead. Licensed USSF, UEFA and FIFA coaches no longer work with balls and …grass! Modern goalkeepers are a new breed and are technically advanced and to get the keepers rapidly and effectively to a higher stage of preparation, to have in-house the best goalkeeper equipment available is not an option!

The introduction of air and resin mannequins, adjustable spring rebounders, rebounder boards, deflecting ramps, oversized balls, mini balls, goalie weighted balls, reflex soccer balls and even costly soccer ball machines is now global, all the goalkeeper coaches that have the funding will invest in all of this. Chelsea FC, AC Milan, SS Lazio, Atletico Madrid, LA Galaxy, NY Red bulls are just a few of the pro-teams that have spent over $100,000 on goalkeeper training equipment in 2018. Some teams even reach out to Barret a custom soccer equipment company in Italy that will design and produce specific goalkeeper equipment to fit your needs and specific training drills.

Our goalkeeper academy has an inventory of close to $30,000 and still I don’t have all the equipment that many college soccer programs have. All our specific goalkeeper equipment brings a real game set situation to every drill, this way the goalkeeper learns twice as fast in a fun and enthusiastic environment, during training they actually get a “real picture” of the game, coach and student are on the same level of vision. Our system of training and those of all “Modern GK Coaches” sends the students to the game-day feild already confident and prepped for the different situations he/she/they will be placed in during the game.

The either cheap or old school goalkeeper coach will not agree to this, they will say that it’s bad for development or even dangerous (LOL). The inventory of the coach that wrote that post vs the equipment that ours or any serious goalkeeper development academy is like comparing the sound you’d get from a 1900’s Gramophone VS that of a MP4 playing device. Posts like that are not only self destructive for them that wrote it, but it also gives goalkeepers and parents a view of what is old and outdated and how they’ve been left behind.
The old school and unlicensed coaches are relics and dangerous, non productive and in many cases very costly to your development and to Dad’s pocketbook.

Also lets add to this:
Beware of anyone promoting a goalkeeper “ID” camp. When someone promoted a goalkeeper camp including the letters ID then you need to check to see if at that camp they’ll have present College coaches, be sure that names and college affiliation are posted on the add. The whole concept of the word ID “IDENTIFICATION” is where an athlete is identified by either college of pro-coaches that are present at the venue and that are seeking to recrute (in this case) Goalkeepers for their program.

Please be very aware of anyone that claim their organization has placed hundreds if not thousands of goalkeepers into college scholarship programs, before you hand over your children’s development and your money to these individuals please do your homework, track what they brag about online, be sure to see evidence of what they’re feeding you, as unfortunately in most cases you’ll see that it’s just to attract you and your investment.

Old school goalkeeper coaches put their mouth in front of their training, they’ll tell you they’re the best even if they have little to know students, at their GK camps no one signs up, they’ll show up at a training session with a truck load of words and just a bag of equipment. These are goalkeepers of the past, with old ideas. If they refuse to innovate and deny the obvious then you have great reason to stay away from them!

Everyone serious about goalkeeper training is investing in modern equipment that they will use with their keepers on a daily basis. Goalkeeper training has becoming technologically advanced like never before. Everything we do, every drill, every session is video recorded and posted on social media, we want Goalkeepers and Parents to see what we do and how fast we develop our goalkeepers. Our training curriculum changes and innovates with the times, we share our training sessions with pro-teams from the US and Italy. We are deeply involved in modernizing goalkeeper training and we have the results to back us up!

Anyone that goes on video and says that too much goalkeeper equipment in daily goalkeeper training sessions is dangerous, then needs to back it up!
I want to see these coaches post videos of their academy, not an affiliate but “Their RESIDENT ACADEMY” I am very curious to see their inventory of goalkeeper equipment, I am also very curious to see how many students they have placed trust in their resident academy. Post some videos of your training techniques, something new (not the same old stuff you’ve been showing and posting for years). I want these coaches to please post integral footage of something that offers rapid development and an everlasting comprehension of the game for the student!

Rick Zucchi
Zee Goalkeeper Academy
Port Orange, FL

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