What alternative sports to soccer can actually help improve goalkeepers?

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This is a child’s sport, but there are many adult leagues in Florida and the US, so basically this specific sport is played at all ages.
What are the benefits for goalkeepers playing on the side this sport? Well: Football is a game of inches and just like in goalkeeping and because of its margin of error, it really needs a solid attention to detail. One wrong step, one dropped pass and the game can end in the other teams favor, just like goalkeepers, whoever plays tag football under the administration of a qualified coach will learn to be better disciplined.

Receiving high contours and mid basket balls, with a football requires a lot more attention due to the ball’s shape, it is great training to keep focused on your surrounding while making the save. In younger goalkeepers, keeping a 180 degree vision of the play right before or right after the save is very unusual, while in football you have no choice but to have both eyes open on the ball and who may be attacking you.

Speed and change of direction are fundamental for goalkeepers and flag football offers it in massive doses!!

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In the US this is commonly a girls sport, but in Europe, South America and Asia it is largely played equally by both genders.
The main benefit of goalkeepers playing Volleyball or Beach Volley is the constant back stepping and reaching for the ball with one hand, these are the basics for “Tip-Overs” the reverse technique is easily reversible and adjustments from Volleyball and Beach Volley to Goalkeeper techniques is very easy done.

Volleyball players play on a hard surface, they will tend to dive forward with both hands and sideways with the lowest hand, these dives are done like said on a hard surface, so when coming back to goalkeeping they’re a lot more relaxed when diving on grass and in most will tend to push and extend harder and further. It’s basically perfect for goalkeepers! Two of my academy students play in competitive Volleyball leagues and they’re actually advanced in most of the above, thanks to the alternative sport.

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I discovered this not to long ago when working one on one with one of my goalkeeper students out of Gainesville. He’s 12 years old and can bowl a soccer ball half way down the field within inches of where he wants to place it, he will put a lot of power into the bowl as well. I noticed however that he was curving backwards his non-supporting leg and told him to keep both legs on the grass while distributing. His response to that was he couldn’t help it as he plays for a competitive bowling team. So it figures why he was so good at distributing the ball in Bowl Mode.
If he can bowl a 10 ball weighing 12 lbs 60 ft and place it in the exact spot to hit the center pin, then he has easy game putting a soccer ball where he wishes to at 100 ft

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