“lone eagle, the man of mystery, the last defender… the goalkeeper!”

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Goalkeepers / May 2, 2018 / Posted by admin

“You have to be a little off your rocker to voluntarily put yourself in front of a ball being smashed at you, not to mention people running full speed at you and a collision almost guaranteed, all to keep an inflatable ball out of a net.”

“If there is anything you will remember about playing keeper, it will be that at of all the teammates on your team, you will always be known as the one everyone respected the most, because without you, a team never has a real chance to win!”

“The best keepers play on an edge. They realize they shoulder the responsibility of the team’s final result. That kind of pressure is sadomasochistic, and some keepers thrive on it. Yes, I think we’re all crazy,”

“Goalkeeping is for the ‘complete athlete,’ someone who doesn’t shy away from a big challenge, a person who is willing to step up to the plate and win a game by making a HUGE save or sacrificing their body for the success of their teammates! ”

“Goalkeepers are, by definition, weirdos and odd ones out: they put their faces where others put their studs, and their chosen function in a sport defined by its flow and energy is one of apparent inaction followed by occasional moments of joy-killing intervention.”

“Goalkeepers: They have to have quick, analytical minds. It’s about analyzing, and quickly computing, probabilities. You must assimilate everything going on in a game. If you can’t see how a game is evolving, you can’t make the save.”

“Goalkeepers are different, that’s beyond dispute, and, in the modern age, where each game is recorded, replayed and analysed in minute detail, they are relentlessly exposed to criticism more than anyone else on the field!!”

“The role of a goalkeeper is difficult to judge, above all if you haven’t been a goalkeeper. It’s like me giving an opinion on someone’s job without having had any experience in their sector. You start to realize how many stupid things are said and written about goalkeepers.”

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