What is the Average Height for a Goalkeeper?

Unfortunately due to the average heights of goalkeepers that play pro-soccer, scouts and coaches look for players who are manly tall, unless you can show them you can reach where the tall keepers can. We don’t have control over how tall we are, it’s genetics and mother natures stuff. I was pretty lucky, both my mother and father were very tall and I ended up being 6.5 ft.
Add to that, modern goalkeepers have to be in great shape, slender and you’ll need to have better overall fitness than your teammates outfield players. However, if you don’t meet the height requirements, the rest of your physique and agility skills could somewhat make up for it.

Spain enjoyed a period of unprecedented dominance with a first-choice pairing of goalkeepers called Iker Casillas and Víctor Valdés, both are 6.0 ft, both 3 inches shorter than the average pro-keeper.

What is the average height for a goalkeeper? 6.3 feet!
According to a 2015 UEFA research the average height for a pro-goalkeeper is 6.3 feet.
According to that report, a minimum height for a goalkeeper would be 5 ft, 11 in. However here are many successful shorter goalkeepers, such as Jorge Campos that played pro for 23 years and the legend Colombian Rene Higuita whose height was 5 ft., 9 in.

Short Goalkeeper Campos

Jorge Campos 5ft 9 in. Mexico national team goalkeeper of the 90’s (Photo courtesy of Tony Marshall/EMPICS

I work with a 5.8 ft female keeper that plays college soccer. We’ve worked very hard on her positioning and especially her reflexes. Being smaller means she has less body mass to move, meaning you can make your body react significantly quicker than someone who has 6″ and 50 lbs on her. However, preventing top corner shots from going in just takes practice in understanding where to position yourself considering she has the height disadvantage. We focus a lot on handling, positioning and reflexes since those are the areas she is doing very well.
We’ve put a lot of work on getting breakout speed. She needed to be able to sprint 10-20 yards faster than anyone else on the field, it took us 4 months, but we did it!

She has closed drastically the gap between her and her fellow teammates/goalkeepers that are both 3 inches taller than her. We proved that being tall doesn’t mean a goalkeeper is really great in the air. There are a huge amount of factors in claiming correctly a high balls and probably the most important is decision making, mind set, mental status that have nothing to do with your height!!

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