Goalkeeper Academy

Advanced Academy – Ages 12 to 18


8 out of 10 goalkeepers ages 12 to 15 when they come to my academy, they have no clue how to set up a wall, they are clueless on the numbers of players that need to be in a wall, that is something we work on even with the U9’s and grassroots keepers. We have the equipment for that, both in adult and junior size mannequins and trollies. We have the size 2 soccer balls to make the drill even more challenging for the older keepers. Everything is explained in detail, so that the keeper stores this visual information and takes it back to the game.

Where to stand in a crowded 6 yard box 9 out of 10 goalkeepers when they join my academy are clueless on this essential factor as well. We have the equipment to help them overcome this issue as well. When and how to anticipate, how to communicate with your defense in these situations. Lots of short coaching points and at the same time try to make it fun, that is a winning ingredient even on the least concentrated keepers.


November 30, 2018
Port Orange Florida