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Game-Set or Real Game Scenario Goalkeeper Training is something that not all goalkeeper coaches can provide. It’s not a factor that the coach is incompetent, bur rather him/her not having the equipment available to put the goalkeepers he’s training into that real game situation. Please note: The goalkeeper coach that claims having a large inventory of equipment is not necessary to obtain the best training results is either clueless or cheap. These are the goalkeeper coaches that you should stay away from, far away as possible!

The components of a Real Game Set Goalkeeper Training Session are maximally specific and very realistic, plus relentlessly repetitive and challenging to goalkeepers. Along with the coaches dialog on what and how to react to a certain drill, the keeper is surrounded in what he/she sees as their 18 yard box on game-day. This is something that can’t be laid out with a few cones and agility poles. You need a complete inventory of the most advanced goalkeeper equipment available!


December 5, 2018