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we love our clients

My son Colt started with the academy about 3 years ago. He had no prior goalkeeper training. Zee helped him discover his passion and pursue his love of goalkeeping. We travel two and a half hours to attend as many training sessions and camps as possible. It is well worth the investment. The coaches at Zee academy treat the students with respect pushing them to become the best they can be. It’s a great feeling when the opposing teams coaches come up after a game to compliment your sons skills. Thank you Coach Rick and the Zee keeper coaches for all you do for the kids!

Kelly Patterson
Mother of Colt

Our son and I have found a nestled atmosphere in Zee’s academy and their coaches upstanding and dedicated discipline to guide the goalkeepers in the hard, effective, and very technical workouts. All these and more has given assistances and straightened the ability to put Santiago in the rightfully  and meaningfulness mental path to keep the progress and his tenacity to pursuit the happiness for the love of the game, as to reach the proudness to become a great goalkeeper

Santi and Ama Alfaro
Parents of Santiago

The Zee Goalkeeper Academy has been an important piece in the growth of our son's goalkeeping skills. Experienced coaches who are very engaged and who truly love what they are doing. All students are treated with respect and known by name. Our son, who had no prior experience as a goalkeeper, have improved greatly thanks to the Zee Academy. When opposite team coaches approach your son after a game to compliment his skills, you know you're in the right place.

Naydeliz Badillo
Mother of Alejandro

One of the best decisions we made was to enroll our Son Francisco (Cisco) into the Zee Goalkeeper Academy. Coach Zee’s dedication to making these boys and girls better is second to none. Working with Rick and his experienced Team of coaches Cisco has and continues to improve in all aspects of his game

Parents of Francisco

My son has been a part of Zee Academy training as a goalkeeper for the past 3 years. The coaches that are part of the academy push him to be better, on and off the field. They are tough at the same time as being completely on his side. The character and work values that soccer has helped my son develop is priceless and Zee Academy has been a huge part of that! Thank you Coach Rick and all Zee Keeper Coaches for the hard work and heart you put into everything!

Mark Bierwagen
Father of Ryan

Who knew we'd be raising a little goalkeeper with a big heart! The coaches at Zee Academy have never ceased to amaze us with their ability to grow players confidence, skill, and drive for the game. We thoroughly enjoy every practice, every opportunity, every game Molly attends. Thank you coaches for your sincere encouragement, inspiration, and phenomenal dedication to Molly and peers.

Karen & Joel Andriola
Parents of Molly
Zee logo

My son Henry attends Zee goalie camps every time they have one. We drive from Albany GA. Henry he has learned more from these camps than he has over the years at his soccer club. The investment is well worth it. The team of coaches are experienced and competent, they will spend time with the parents answering all questions. We have been to many different goalkeeper camps ran by other organizations and they don't come close to what Zee Academy offers.

Robert Majors
Father of Henry

It’s the best goalie academy in Florida. Coach Rick Zee and his staff of coaches have taught my son so much over the past year I highly recommend them above any other goalkeeper program that we have tried.

Shawn David
Father of Braiden

This is by far the best Goalkeeper training school my 17 year old daughter has ever attended! Coach ZEE and his staff are awesome coaches and she looks up to him! He has given her so much helpful information, we are so happy to have found him!

Gina Fields-Lamoreaux
Mother of Emily

The best and most professional goalkeeper coach in the area. He is great with all ages and teaches very important life lessons while also making sure every kid is safe from injury and well taken care of! Highly recommend!

Jeremy Edler
CEO Soccer Innovations