A closer look at the TIKI TAKA soccer training ring by Forza

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Tiki Taka training ring has been designed to facilitate small sided possession games and field player training drills specifically for tight spaces, but who said that it can’t be used for goalkeepers? Actually it is an amazing tool for goalkeeper training. We noticed that there was a UK based company called Net World Sports that has the specific 20 ft ring we were looking for. No assembly, no sticks to place inside the ring every time you set it up. The set up takes 45 seconds, same for packing it back up, a little over a minute. As we have a very large academy and therefor a huge amount of equipment to set up each time, this is for sure the least time wasting piece of equipment to bring with you!

I really like the high strength 6 mm fiberglass pole that is covered by a thick and very resistant black polyester cover. I forgot to mention that the Tiki Taka 20 ft ring is incredibly portable, and fits into a Forza carry bag with great ease.

This product is perfect for coaches looking create a huge amount of productive drills with something that can be simply laid down on the ground and set in a matter of seconds. The versatile passing ring can be used for a variety of purposes, including keeping your goalkeepers at the same distance during a training drill, teaching your keepers hot to dive forward in the “Cobra” position/save, extension saves etc. The portable soccer training ring can be moved between playing fields without even being set down into its bag, it never gets tangled like many other brands.

The Tiki Taka ring is both very lightweight and at the same time sturdy, making it a valuable piece of training equipment not only (like in our case) goalkeepers but for soccer clubs in general. At this time we have 4 of them and we’ll be purchasing another 4 to fill the needs of our fast growing Goalkeeper Academy. Because of its low cost, this training tool if at everyone’s reach.

Here is the link to the page where its advertised: TIKI TAKA RING (20FT WIDE).

Below is a video that we made during one of our goalkeeper academy sessions that shows in first person the utility of this training tool when it comes down to creating GK drills.