Best Soccer Rebounder on the U.S. Market is made by Munin Sports and is called the M-Station

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We have tested and let go a lot of different soccer rebounders, not that they weren’t good, but they just weren’t doing the job we needed them to. We’ve used nearly all the “Major” brands rebounder products finding that each and every one of them had something that pushed us from using it.
Such as, the elastic cord stretching after time, or that the pegs rust or bend causing damage to our soccer balls. All of them had to be pegged down on natural grass and the use of sandbags were put in place when these rebounders were used on turf.

Once a rebounder is set up it needs to stay in place and it can’t cause damage to a $120 Select soccer ball… PERIOD!

12 months ago we set up and tested 2 Munin Sports M-Station Rebounders. I
Check out the set up video:

Once we got them up and ready to use, we took them to the soccer fields and after just 3 minutes of testing Myself and a fellow coach agreed that there is nothing like it, that these rebounders are the most realistic soccer trainers on the market. Not just for our goalkeepers handling training, but most of all for the footwork.

The goalkeepers also expressed how happy they were with the new M-Station Rebounders. They found them fun, very realistic reflex shots and challenging all at once.

Every age group from Grassroots to the College Keepers expressed the same positive remarks on this amazing tool.

I have noticed that thanks to this new and very advanced rebounder we are able to leave the pegs and sandbags at home, the M-station can be shot at full force and will not budge an inch!

I could go on, but words are words and facts are facts. I’ll let you decide if this is an amazing rebounder or not. Check out the video…

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