The transformation to ZEE “Soccer” Academy

Youth Soccer

For the past 5 years the brand ZEE has worked non-stop in bringing to Port Orange, Florida the center of Goalkeeper Training in the Southeast U.S. Needless to say, we have been very successful in doing so. Doing it the right way takes a serious amount of time. We have in-part learned from other sports organizations in the region, others…

Is Your Son or Daughter Fit to Be A Goalkeeper?

Goalkeeper Academy

First and foremost, any child that expresses interest in playing in goal deserves a lot of respect from the parent. Many young soccer players will either be hesitant or averse to the goalkeeper position, because they don’t want to bear all the responsibility of conceding a goal. Many young goalkeepers leave the role (almost right away) due to the heavy…

The ZEE 2020 Winter Goalkeeper Camp (Sponsored by Select) – Port Orange, Florida

Goalkeeper Camps

Well, let’s start off with some details regarding our main winter event:WHEN: December 28-29-30 (Monday through Wednesday)EACH DAY: 9.00 am to 1.00 pmCOST:  $300 per camperWHAT TO BRING: Water bottle and sunblock.LOCATION: Southwinds Soccer Complex – Port Orange, Florida This is our main event of the season, where goalkeepers from all over the Southeast United States reach Port Orange, Florida…

Goalkeeper: Why has the Position Changed so Much?


Everything about soccer changes throughout the the past 4 decades, technically and tactically, the rules, new foul rules and now with the introduction of the Virtual Assistant Referee (VAR), things have taken a new dimension. The role of the goalkeeper has evolved more than any other role on the field and it has drastically. I’d say that in the past…

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