MLS relegation: Major League Soccer will not budge, sparking FIFA President to take action.

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I hate to be crude and straight forward, but I personally find the MLS the most boring league that there is at a worldwide scale. First of all because a team ends up in the MLS not for merit, but because they bought themselves in. That however is not the boring part. Teams don’t relegate, so basically if you have a bad season “Who Cares” we can start all over again next season!

The player level: European division 2 teams such as Aston Villa, Tenerife, Troyes or Lecce can play and dominate the MLS, I personally think that they’d win every game. As of right now the MLS has no way to confront itself with teams from other nations. Why? Well: Major League Soccer commissioner Don Garber said he has enough work to do evolving the league’s schedule without including the Copa Libertadores, South America’s prestigious club competition. I truly LOL’d when I watched him say that on ESPN. That is correct MLS teams don’t compete in the Copa Libertadores, is that because the federation knows what the outcome of every single game would end up in a “Goaleada” for the other team? What about the international friendly club games and why are they played against European teams that are in pre or off-season.

I follow many different leagues on TV such as the Mexican Division 1, Danish Superliga, Bundesliga, BPL, Liga 1, Serie A and basically anything I can find on TV I’ll sit down and watch it. They all run circles around the MLS. The way they play, the way they fight for the win…

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This past Saturday I took my son to the stadium to watch Orlando City vs Montreal. It will be the last MLS game that I’ll ever attend until the rules are changed. Watching the game in person (in a semi-empty stadium) was a huge eye opener.

In these past weeks the Fifa president has been pushed into the debate over introducing promotion and relegation to soccer in the USA. The federation was presented with a letter this week demanding for FIFA to bring the US into line with the rest of the soccer world, by enforcing its Article 9 on the US Soccer Federation.


The USSF is currently facing multiple legal challenges, the most important one at the Court of Arbitration for Sport, from soccer clubs hoping to open up the current closed hierarchy in the sport in the US. This letter was signed by hundreds of soccer clubs across the US who are demanding reform.

The open letter blames the unhealthy state of soccer in the United States and on the league structure, which has Major League Soccer perched at the top and like already stated the MLS is accessible only to those who buy their way in. The letter also states a very sad reality: “The failure rate of clubs and leagues across the US soccer landscape vastly exceeds any other country in the worldâ€.

“Dozens of team owners from multiple leagues have seen their investments go to waste and hundreds if not thousands of players have seen their potential unrealised. In global soccer terms this situation is unique and, the evidence suggests, is a function of the exceptional nature of our closed model.â€

Clubs and leagues across the US have continued to sign the letter over the past few weeks to register their opposition to the “franchise model†of the USSF. “More than two dozen new soccer clubs have signed on to the letter in the last 48 hours and we expect that number to continue to rise,†organiser Daniel Workman told a British newspaper. “It has been a grassroots effort and we’ve seen support come from different areas and levels of the country. The interest level is high in the grassroots, but the Federation have shown little interest in organising a pyramid.â€


Infantino has showed interest into this case and will respond, obviously this would take years, but if the USSF sticks to their guns, Fifa has the right to remove the US national teams from every international event, including friendly games until they comply.

People have been trying to do this for years, and the USSF has not been forced to respond. The thinking is that the weekend letter to Fifa and a possible court filing forces the issue, forces them to articulate their position, and hopefully forces them to make some changes here. The USSF has to acknowledge that this is part of Fifa’s rules and that Fifa owns and runs the game worldwide!

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