A GK Development Academy Inside the Goalkeeper Academy, now at Stetson FA.

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The GK Academy works with 40% of all competitive travel goalkeepers in Volusia county and dozens more reach us for our Friday session from all over Central Florida. It’s two hours per week of intensive goalkeeper training. The curriculum, the equipment and the coach lineup has no rivals in the area and the more we advance in time the more advanced we become thanks to our technical suppliers and the quality of the coaching.

Development Academy: Now let’s don’t get confused with the USSF-DA, as many could, just because we’re using the terminology “Development Academy” doesn’t make our way of coaching goalkeepers anything like theirs. Our training curriculum is strictly advanced real-game-set training. Enough Said on that.

Bringing the ZEE Goalkeeper Academy to a youth soccer club has already been tested both with goalkeeper camps and clinics but also with weekly training session and they’ve all been very successful.

Since the start of this soccer season 2019-2020 the ZEE GK Academy is working with goalkeepers ages 9 to 18 at the Deland, Florida based youth soccer club Stetson FA.

Stetson FA Goalkeeper training

Now, one would say “isn’t it financially counterproductive to offer goalkeeper training at a youth soccer club that the majority of the goalkeepers also attend the official ZEE goalkeeper academy sessions every Friday?”, indeed it is, but them that have chosen to attend both the club GK training and the Academy sessions get extensive development opportunities. The keepers get a large curriculum that wont overlap, in other words you wont see the same training sequences at both training grounds that same month. The topics will be different, so that all keepers attending both sessions get the extra topic-training.

The club and the academy are on the same path when it comes down to development of soccer players starting at a very early age. It is a matter of fact that the club has a very popular soccer grassroots soccer academy, that is a lot different than any of the academies in the surrounding area. Stetson have all licensed soccer coaches working the sessions, two of the coaches (Luis Camacho and Nichole Roberts) hold a National USSF B license and have played-coaches at all levels.

Stetson FA is the largest youth soccer club in the county with 13 teams, it is also the largest youth soccer club for female teams. The long-term project for the development of very young soccer players is unique in the area. They have no affiliation with any of the soccer franchise, that is something that I personally consider a good thing to stay away from!

So, the club has all the ingredients on bringing to the field lots of young quality players and with our goalkeeper academy working with them side-by-side, Stetson FA could be a youth soccer magnet in the years to come.

Rick Zucchi
ZEE Goalkeeper Academy LLC

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