Net World Sports (FORZA) Supporting Youth Soccer Teams in Central Florida

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This is a non GK Academy related blog post, however it is well worth mentioning considering the great generosity on behalf of one of our official goalkeeper equipment suppliers.

The UK based soccer training equipment company Net World Sports, the founders of the international brand FORZA has reached out to assist two youth soccer teams at the Deltona Youth Soccer Club located in Central Florida.

Two of the clubs teams U11’s and U10’s have received at no cost 30 training soccer balls and 30 training vests. Both teams will use this equipment during their training sessions, official games and most of all when they scrimmage with other club teams.

Deltona United is not a franchise, it’s not a big club and it is certainly not out to make profits. They’re all about development and development only and when companies such as Net World Sports jump in to assist this development it is always greatly appreciated!

Net World Sports marketing manager Emily Strickland stated in an email that “The brand FORZA is delighted to help the two youth soccer teams reach their goal and become even better teams“.

I know that FORZA is not seeking publicity, but I truly do believe that certain gestures need to be exposed! The coaches, the team members and the parents of Deltona United U11 and U10 teams through this page would personally like to thank the brand FORZA and its administration for its support.