The Best Soccer Complex locations in Florida

One would say ESPN World of Sports, you could be right!… But Disney has massive funding and they charge more than anyone else for their rentals and tournaments.
So, lets push to the side corporate American and discover some of the most amazing fields up-and-down the great state of Florida that are ran by the cities, counties or small investors.

The soccer complex that left me the most impressed was Lakewood Ranch located in Sarasota. I love Sarasota period, then add to that it’s amazing soccer facility and I’m ready to move there!
25 full-size soccer fields, all of them lit up, the grass looks like a green carpet, not a patch or a flaw.
Soccer complex
There is always something going on 12 months a year and still the fields look always lush. They have going on a massive variety of local and state tournaments, international sporting events with MLS team that use the facility for their pre-season training. You don’t have to be a club or a big organization to rent out one or more of their fields, you can simply book an event of your own if you wish.

Dewey O Boster Sports Complex Deltona
Very few people out of Volusia County know about this amazing 10 field soccer complex and that is why many Argentinian and Brazilian pro-soccer teams will use the facility for their pre-season training, in 2017 the MLS team Philadelphia Union used their fields for 10 days and no one knew they were there. The local youth soccer team Deltona United is the only co-partner that can use these fields. In fact the city is very strict on who can play on this facility and to even organize a friendly scrimmage between friends or co-workers you’ll need permission from the recreational department.

Soccer complex

ChampionsGate in Orlando offers a one-of-a-kind sports field complex inclusive of eight regulation size fields in superior condition, professionally maintained. One of kind why? Well, its owned by the hotel/resort, the complex is newly opened in spring 2014, the complex is located in the heart of Orlando and the eight regulation fields are each 210 x 345 feet, complete with parking “400 spaces” and a total of 38 vendor stalls. Pro-Teams looking to mix showcasing with training will find many things to see at ChampionsGate. Anothing thing that I found interesting is that the property is nestled just 10 minutes away from Orlando’s theme parks.

Soccer complex

This soccer facility is owned by Orlando City and is known for putting on some of Central Florida’s biggest soccer events on its close to 40-acre facility. This soccer facility, known as the Seminole Soccer Complex, has seven full-size soccer fields, four modified U9-U12 fields, and another 3 modified fields that can be used for U6-U8’s and goalkeeper training.

Famous for it’s Thanksgiving Super Clubs Tournaments, the PDL Men’s Region Finals, “Kraze†Mens’ team home games, major rugby events and the Bazooka Soccer College Showcase. It hundreds of games in Florida Youth Soccer Association’s Sate Cup, Region Cup, District Cup, US Club Soccer. The United Soccer Coaches also use these fields for their coaches training events such as the Advanced National Goalkeepers and National diploma.

NO LIGHTS!!!!!! This complex can’t be used when the sun goes down, it has no flood lights! What a petty!

Soccer complex

Ormond Beach Sports Complex & Fields
The Ormond Beach Sports Complex, as well as the Nova Community park, has nine full-sized soccer field, and three multi-purpose fields, most are lighted up.
The complexes host professional, national, regional, college and high school competitive and recreational events. Very fast field drainage and field conditions are in most “mint”, very well maintained and open to the public most of the year.

The size of this complex is very unusual considering the size of the town, but if you’re looking to host a tournament or a league in central Florida and enjoy the beach town at the same time, then this is the best choice.

Soccer complex

Weston Regional Park
Let’s take a look at another quality complex but this time in Southeast Florida and the city of Weston. This 102 acre park features 8 Soccer fields and 4 Multi-purpose artificial turf courts, 1 Event Stage, 5 Concession stands with restrooms, an exercise trail, 3 Picnic shelters with tables and grills, basically this facility seriously has it all for the soccer tournament! The variety of fields, along with how well maintained they are presents tremendous opportunities. Odds are if ESPN’s Wide World of Sports didn’t exist, Weston Regional Park may just be the nicest sports complex in the state!
Soccer complex

I missed out a few (I know), but I can’t judge what I haven’t visited in person. I would have also added Indian Trails Spots Complex located in Palm Coast, but the fields are spread out over a long and thin complex of 30+ acres and during a tournament it is basically impossible to find a parking space. They have 213 spots to park, but they’d need at least double.

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